Keeping my girls warm this winter...ideas ?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by Charbud, Aug 26, 2010.

  1. Charbud

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    Im going to be growing in my attic this winter and need some ideas on how to keep them warm..Im hesitant to use or buy a heater as i dont want to burn my house down. Im planning on having the light hours on at night which is the coldest time of day but during the day it will also be very cold...Any ideas would be appreciated, even if they require refilling of hot water or something of the like....Cheers, charbud :Rasta:
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    You could go with infrared heating these:
    ESES Short Stem Ceramic Infrared Heater for use with Light Bulb Socket Type Reflectors

    Edit: I'm not sure if infrared affects lighting cycles though.
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  3. keylime

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    I'm not aware that portable electric heaters with a thermostatic will burn your house down.

  4. valstar

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    Get one of those oil filled radiator looking heaters. There is no rods that get red hot its a radiant heat very safe. I have heated my bedroom with one for years.

    Do you have a box in the attic or just open to the area in the attic? I used a thick plastic on my green house outside in the late winter to keep heat in. It worked nicely. If you dont have a box of some sort its going to be hard to keep it warm if you live in a cold climate. If you live in the deep south it will be easier to keep warm. Can you afford a inline vent fan ( home depot 25 bucks) and tap into your central air line if its in the attic and run a insulated line to your grow room? Just need to make sure you pull air from the box too so the smell dont get back into central air lines and stink up the house. It all depends on your set up. I have a vortex inline carbon scrubber in my box sucking up all the wonderful smells.

    Plastic and PVC pipes can make a quick cheap grow room. Easy to take down when it warms up. Just dont glue the connectors together.

    I am no expert at this just throwing out ideas here for you that i have read .
  5. stormin94

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    An oil filled heater is a safe way to go. They don't use all that much power once they're warmed up, and give you safe convective heat. Make sure you have decent circulation and you'll be fine. Depending on how cold it is and how well insulated the attic is, you might need two of them. Last winter it was cold(for here) down to about 14 at night and only in the 35-45 degree range during the day for a week. I had no problem maintaining a constant 65@ night and 70-75 in the day.
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    Kinda interesting topic. I used to insulate, and part of the process is making sure that there is enough air moving through from venting. That goal is to be as close to outside temperature as possible.

    So, you need to see how effective your venting is before you choose a method of heating. Personally, I like the plastic and an oil filled heater idea as a paired set.
  7. bobjob4u

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    some years ago i seen this attempted. box in the area and lights will provide most heat.Used small heater for when temp dropped below 65 during lights out or on cold days. Worked well...
  8. Charbud

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    Heaters can sometimes be faulty and cause fire so thats why i am warry of using one, the oil heaters sound like a better option, cheers

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