Keeping Piss Warm?

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by 123456, Mar 23, 2006.

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    Wuts up guys just gotta quick question. How long does piss stay at 90 to 100 degrees after you pee. Im havin someone clean piss in a cup for me but i need to know how to sneak it in and keep it warm. Thanks in advance
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    I used a mni mms container the smaller one filled it all the way up! then get some hot hands (little bags of sand like material that you put in ur gloves during winter to keep ur hands cold) and wrap two hot hands around the mm container!
  3. by the way the same hand warmers at wal mart are 6 for $2
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    i too did the strap the hand warmer to the container....Got a plastic flask like container and straped the handwarmer to it. I used a small hair tie to do this.. Measured the temp w/ a digi thermo and it was 136 degrees...way to hot, so i insulated between the hand warmer and the container w/ some toilet paper and aluminum foil, made 4 layers and it brought it down to 100 which was acceptible...Stuck it down my pants for about and hour(took that long in the waiting room) no probs..worked great......I didnt use quickfix though got a friend who was clean to piss for me
  5. If its too hot better then to cold.It will cool fast if you swirl it around as you blow on it.
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    my friend used a strap on heating pad and didnt realize how hot it was and when he got his resuts back that docters like ''um, your urine sample was over 120 degrees...''
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    tape it to ur gouche or inside of ur leg...

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