Keeping pot fresh with orange peel?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by easy_e, Dec 3, 2007.

  1. easy_e

    easy_e Registered+

    I usually hold onto the stuff I buy for a week or two. I try to avoid it drying out by keeping it in a mason jar with a nice seal.

    Also, a friend sugested throwing and orange peel in there. I did this but today i noticed it was moldy so I ditched that quicker than the plague. I had it in a bag with holes so I don't think anything the the intense smell of rotting orange it affected the pot.

    So, did his theory have a huge flaw or am I missing something? Anyone heard of this before?

  2. easy_e

    easy_e Registered+

    naaa I checked the pot it isn't moldy. The orange was in a bag just vented into the pot not in direct contact ;)
  3. Herbs529

    Herbs529 Registered+

    I heard this one before-all it'll do is mold and make the weed disgusting. I also heard of putting piece of carrot in there. Useless in my opinion. Just keep what u need on hand and open the other bag as less as possible to keep it moist and fresh.
  4. easy_e

    easy_e Registered+

    i talked to the guy today and i was only supposed to leave the orange peel in there for a few hours lol:stoned:
  5. psychocat

    psychocat Registered+

    Orange peel taints the taste .
  6. the image reaper

    the image reaper Registered+

    throw a big old fan leaf into the bag, instead :smokin:
  7. Scooba420

    Scooba420 Registered+

    If its dank shit i def would not put it in there. Can scrape some of that vital THC off. We used to use the orange peel trick in large quarntities of shwag. You know more weight and get rid of shitty smell. lol
  8. WaZ

    WaZ Registered+

    It can be a legitimate practice - some people enjoy flavoring their herb with other natural substances. Realistically, if you're only holding on to it for about a week or two you'd do just fine in a plastic ziplock as far as quality of bud is concerned.. So keeping it in your airtight jar in a dark place by itself is just fine. Unless you're getting this stuff after it's cured for a long time then been held onto for a long time by dealers, you shouldn't have to worry about it drying out too much, anyway.

    If you still want to experiment, you can search these forums and find lots of stories and guides on how to do it.
  9. easy_e

    easy_e Registered+

    Right on thanks. I'm just gonna stick to a sealed jar from now on. Pot is too expensive here to risk it molding...
  10. NinjaToke

    NinjaToke Registered+

    my bud got dry and i read somewhere that use should only leave it in there for a day at most but i left mine in for an hour maybe hour and a half and it was already getting really moist... i left about 2 gs in a bag with some orange peels over night and that coulda been too moist the first hit of the pipe didnt go so well cause it was too wet haha.
  11. DrDoja

    DrDoja Registered+

    i no some1 who will put lettus in there reggs bag to make it more moist and dense so it adds wait and i heard of og peels to but i dont do it
  12. chargrs83

    chargrs83 Registered+

    i did it once. the orange peel did mold sort of, it didnt have mold on it but it was kinda gross. But anyway, i think it did keep it fresher and it did taint the taste a little bit. Which was not a problem for me because im not one of the guys who loves the taste of weed. I also think that keeping it airtight will do just fine.
  13. Malsor

    Malsor Registered+

    I did it today with a lemon peel. I had a gram in my airtight jar and a small piece of lemon peel fo 3 hours and it was moist. real fluffy but the smell was kinda weird. it smelled good and bad at the same time. Imma try it with lettuce next time to keep the original weed smell.
  14. headieman

    headieman Registered

    I recently found an aaancient gram of Northern Lights, so old I could grind it from outside the bag, I just stuck a bit of orange peel in there for a couple hours and it was totally smokeable. It's a neat little trick to reclaim old weed back from the dead.:smokin:
  15. agapaga

    agapaga Registered

    I'm using these from Save My Stash they are awesome .. not sure about orange peel ... the small packets keep the pot fresh and work perfectly
  16. Vegasjake

    Vegasjake Registered+

    I use Flavor Jars.. They are easy to use and it only takes like 2-3 hours. They are cool cause I can use the jar to stash my stash anywhere, they fit good in the back of the sock drawer and in my jacket pocket when I want to take it with me.

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