keif or hash butter??

Discussion in 'Recipes' started by Yobiker, Jun 17, 2010.

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    Hey all,
    I would like to try making butter with the keif I have. I have a decent amount of finely sifted keif from TrainWreck. I was thinking about making butter from it. I know that this will probably be very strong.
    What would you recommend as the keif to butter ratio? Also what is the best method for combining to the two? heat? time?
  2. cybmas

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    I'll leave the dosage recommendations to someone else but I suggest using a European butter for the higher fat content. It will cost you an extra buck or two at a good grocery store.
  3. MedMike

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    Better Butter

    Here is some stuff I wrote to other Budz...


    I can and would be happy to get you up to speed on butter extraction.

    Take unsalted butter and all your herbal material. I don't waste good bud for this job. I use shake and waste matter. I would guess depending on how potent I probably use about 1oz per pound of butter. I like a double boiler it makes it make refined and less likely to burn or over cook. Melt your butter and skim off the fat on top. Now throw in your herb. Some people like to cook this for hours. I cook it for about 30 minutes. After about 5 minutes I add 1-2 tablespoons of everclear. (If you don't have ever clear you can use any clear edible alcohol like vodka.) This will not give any alcohol effect it cooks away. It will help remove the THC from the leaf matter more efficiently. Do not boil just lightly cook your butter.

    I then prepare a throw away container like hefty or glad rubbermaid etc. Take and fold up a piece of cheese cloth a couple of times and strain your cooked brew through the cloth. Important not to squeeze it let it run through naturally. If you squeeze it you will get a greener tasting lesser quality butter product and more fat. Place it in the fridge so it can congeal/get solid again.
    (NOTE: You can use the same process for kef or hash products. You may need less folding and filtration through your cheesecloth for kef or hash butter.)

    Now you are ready to use this in place of oil in about any recipe. You can eat it on toast or whatever works for you.

    Be very careful at first. Always try a small amount and wait for an hour before administering more. Never eat what you make for its taste. They look like cookies but they are medicine and very strong at that. If you use small amounts you will find a lesser craving to smoke. If you use more you may find a very heavy body relaxer type high. You must decide what is best for your need and tolerance.

    Hope that helps...

    Also here is something I wrote in response to a patient in need as well:

    The issue is in digestion. Your body needs a carrier for the THC. If you eat your cannabis, you must consume milk fat. Milk, half and half, cream, yogurt etc. The milk fat contains Lipids and Phi-lo Lipids that act as a carrier for the THC through your system.

    Always, eat a 1/4 portion and wait 40-60 minutes for any new "stoneyhead". Never eat for flavor. Make an extra batch of non enhanced brownies at the same time cuz high or no, you will get the munchies when you ingest cannabis.

    Eat a little chew thoroughly and take sips of milk and chew it up with the edible.

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    To make kief butter, just let the butter come to room temp, stir in the kief...

    You can refrigerate it after that or just eat it on whatever you want. the beauty of kief is that you can just stir it in or sprinkle it in top. It is already "extracted" from the plant matter. ^_^:hippy:
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    Thanks MedMike :)

    Great forum :Rasta:

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