Kelp additive = sea WEED?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by LolaGal, Nov 7, 2008.

  1. LolaGal

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    Saw alot of info in various places, including High Times, on adding kelp as a drench etc. (putting powdered kelp into water then pouring on soil) I went wild with kelp, using a tablespoon per gallon tea weekly. It sounded like a really smart idea, adding valuable plant minerals and secret hormones of the seas.

    When using Kelp, did anyone else smell and taste the kelp in the end product.? Please respond if you have. Thanks.

    I found it to impart a kelp smell and taste to the cured product that is horrible....truly sea-weed.:(
  2. Dutch Pimp

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    I avoid expensive additives...just a kiss of, 4 weeks flowering...:D
  3. DTRave420

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    I think kelp is more of a veg product than a flowering product...The best one out there is called "SeaSol"...It's prosessed in Australia and so far I've had no luck trying to get someone to import this product to the states...I use MaxiCrop liquified seaweed during veg...Excellent for building strong roots...I wouldn't use seaweed,kelp,or Alaska fish fertilizer during flowering though...
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    Lola it sounds like you didn't flush the plants in the last 2 weeks of flowering... you have to stop feeding them fertilizer and sea weed and only give them water so that you obtain the true taste and aroma of the strain.
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    Kelp is fantastic for all kinds of plants. I haven't used it "indoors" yet, but it's done great things in my back yard.

    Well, actually I've used kelp on my indoor plants, but it wasn't pure kelp. I've used a few of Advanced Nutrients products that are made from kelp, Nirvana, Iguana Juice, Mother Earth Tea... there might be others. They're great, but professionally formulated so I can't really compare results with pure kelp added to water.

    To the question about the kelp-y taste, I'm a little skeptical. Are you sure it's not your imagination? If not, I'd say it wasn't quite flushed out or you had some residue on the leaves/buds. Kelp is fantastic as a foliar feeding nutrient.
  6. LolaGal

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    Thanks for the input! I used a human food additive kelp that was powdered. I used a tblsp per gallon and poured it on the dirt about once a week, I'd throw in some black strap molasses, another tablespoon or so per gallon of plain water. Anyway it was a practice thing with crap beans. So I read and flush and read and read some more. I swear my mistake was pointed out by DTR above, I used it when they were flowering. In none of my reading had that particular aspect come to light.

    Anway this crap smells like the original kelp product when you open a jar. Was cured 4 months. When you taste it...phew whew ....sea weedy tasting.

    If only I had known not to use in flower.....:D

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