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Discussion in 'Washington (WA)' started by LisaMBoyer, Sep 13, 2010.

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    I am writing on behalf of my husband who is in chronic back pain. He is maxed out on pain relief drugs and they aren't giving him much in the way of relief. He has medical records that go back several years, MRI's, testing, etc...but I am unable to find a doctor near us that can, or will write the prescription for medicinal marijuana. Our regular GP is not willing to sign. I read that there was a THC clinic in Kennewick, WA but I can't find their contact info to make an apt.

    We live in Tri Cities, so Kennewick works!

    Also, I see tons of ads for plants, or there a way to purchase a small amount, ready to use, so we can find out if it will help him? If it's not going to work on him, I don't want to spend months growing only to find out it doesn't touch his pain.

    Thank you so much!
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    Real legal protection from a signing healthcare practitioner is the key to the above referenced man. THCF is not the clinic of choice for those who want real legal protection.....they never gave me any..:mad:
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    Check out Canna 4 Life. They are off clearwater. :)
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  7. I agree with Mike. CBR is always a good choice.
    Good luck to your husband. I also have back issues for many, many years so I feel for you both.


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