Kentucky: Marijuana Legalization Bill

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    Kentucky: Marijuana Legalization Bill

    "Update: Senator Seum introduced SB 80 on 1/17/18.

    Republican state Senator Dan Seum plans on introducing legislation that legalizes the adult use of and sale of cannabis.

    Lawmakers in this legislative session will be primarily focused on crafting and passing a two-year state budget bill. The Senator believes that casting adult use legalization as a “jobs bill” will gain in traction.

    “I’m looking at adult use, because that’s where the money is at,” Seum said.

    According to the DEA, agents confiscated over 300,000 marijuana plants in Kentucky in 2016 -- the third highest total of any state in the nation.

    For more information, contact Kentucky NORML at"

    Follow this link to send a letter to your state elected officials in support of this effort.

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