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Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by atownsjuggalo, Aug 23, 2008.

  1. atownsjuggalo

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    i want to make a lil kief box n was wondering what i should use for the screen. any ideas?
  2. painretreat

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    A friend of mine uses a discarded tray from silk screening of T-shirts. Looks, pretty simple! Might be able to order or buy silk screen mesh! Just a guess, it works very well! Surely, there are other ways. pr :jointsmile:
  3. atownsjuggalo

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    that is what i was thinnking ima star lookin i t up thanks
  4. trancefusion5

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    Hey man i got this box of ebay for 25$ with 5$ shipping. Its an awesome deal and the magnets work awesome! There are alot more on there for cheaper than ive ever seen in a shop. just look up "pollen box". I know you asked for where to find the screen and im sure you could find one there too but i thought about making one but once i found these for so cheap i couldnt resist.

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