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Discussion in 'Cannabis Pictures' started by JBlaze82, Jan 17, 2006.

  1. JBlaze82

    JBlaze82 Registered+

    smallest nug i got in the QP was about 3g and i had some 12g and 14g buds. Do you think this stuff is worth 200 an Oz?

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  2. lemonboy

    lemonboy Registered+

    Looks good to me :)
  3. justinsane

    justinsane Registered+

  4. MacGyver

    MacGyver Registered

    200 a o .. yeye . but i get stuff like that for 180 .. 180 is a good price . but u will easily get 200
  5. nomadherbman

    nomadherbman Registered+

    800 a qp of the gans is a good price.. an especailly good price for the city.. cats should eat that up...
  6. hempsmoker25

    hempsmoker25 Registered+

    looks pretty tastey, little leafy though, but who cares as long as it gets ya high
  7. bubbaluvzbudz

    bubbaluvzbudz Registered

    its the beaster
  8. bklynbluntsmoker

    bklynbluntsmoker Registered+

    HAHA its that beef and brocoli 200 dollars a ZIP is cheap
  9. Ganj

    Ganj Registered+

    i'd throw down two-hundred in a heartbeat for an ounce of that. it looks reeeaal good to me, brother. hope it's a good high.
  10. JBlaze82

    JBlaze82 Registered+

    its pretty good.....keeps you high for awhile :smokin:
  11. Fabolous

    Fabolous Registered+

    i can safely say to you jblaze82 that is some clean lookin stuff....

    but as far as 200 a oz, thats a bit high in price, But what i can't tell you what is high or not becase it's differnt in each area.......

  12. xblackdogx

    xblackdogx Registered+

    jblaze... by any chance do you know if it was grown hydro style?
  13. JBlaze82

    JBlaze82 Registered+

    i'm not really sure but i'll find out
  14. jahjahjahjah

    jahjahjahjah Registered+

    Def worth $200
  15. TimoteoS

    TimoteoS Registered

    haha dude wtf im in north jersey and i just bought an oz of some mids for 200, which is cheap as i could find....damn you people where the fuck do you find such good deals........anyone wanna chat
  16. yoda

    yoda Registered+

    i pay $250/o for some shit like that, so $200/o sounds splendid. in fact id make the drive up there to get it, except i dont have a car or money.
  17. JBlaze82

    JBlaze82 Registered+

    hey just IM turbo4life20 and will let u know
  18. Awill3449

    Awill3449 Registered+

    Around here (Boston), $200 for an ounce of good kb would be a really good deal. Stuff like that would usually be $220+

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