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Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by boxcar182, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. boxcar182

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    I just started smoking and here on the forum everyone say stuff like midis and schwag and a bunch of other "kinds" of weed. I wanted to know how tell what make the weed a specific kind and what it looks like?
  2. mfqr

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    Schwag = bad quality - you won't see any "crystals" on it, and it's often brown (hence the name "downtown brown"), doesn't smell that great, and often has many seeds.

    Mids = midgrade - you won't see many "crystals" on it. Some seeds. Smells all right.
    Dank = high grade - many "crystals," smells great... many times it smells very pungent. 95% of the time it has no seeds, but if you do find seeds from some good shit, keep them and plant 'em some day.
  3. hits from the zong

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    Mersh/Schwag= not very good weed ltos of seeds
    Mids=okay weed not too much seeds
    Chronic=anything better then mids
  4. Ares

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    the hierarchy of weed goes something like this
    (from worst to best)

    and from here up its really just different potent strains like Sour Deisel, Thunderfuck, Haze, and Hash
  5. snackAttack

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    There are alot of different types of weed out there, and many different qualities...
    There are a couple different ways you can determine how good of quality your pot is...

    The worst quality pot is called shwag (or bammer weed), it may look brown and probably doesnt have crystals on it. It also will not have any colored hairs coming from it. Shwag usually if filled with amny seeds and/or stems. Although shwag is inexpesive it wont get you that high, and you may get a bad buzz from it.

    One step up from shwag is mids, or regs. Mids will most likely be greener that shwag. It will also contain less seeds and stems. Mids will also have more of a 'pot' smell to it. In some cases Mids will have crystals and/or hairs... this is a sign of a more developed plant. Mids is sure to get you high, but may make you a bit tired and the high is not as dsireable as higher quality pot.

    One up the ladder from mids is beast. I dont know what other people call it, but in the city this is what we call our 'just short from dank pot'. Beast looks alot better than mids, but can still look like 'brick weed' ( weed that comes in brick form to save space ). Beast will always have a good amount of crystals on it as well as alot of hairs. it might have a seed or two in it but thats ok. beast smells alot stronger than mids, especcialy when you break it up. in terms of the high, it can be quite intese for first time users. Beast gives you a long lasting high without making you really tired later on.

    The best king of weed is called dank. Some people refer to it by many different names such as chronic, dro, headdies ect. Dank is almost always vey light and fluffy. it is covored with crystals and has hairs coming out from the buds. Dank shouldent have any seeds in it. Most kinds of dank have a very strong smell that is easially detectable. Dank can also usually be traced back to its plants strain. Differnt strains give you different effects (body high, head high). Dank gives you the best and strongest high. In my case, i get my dank straight from the grower.

    In terms of prices (give or take) it goes somthing like this:
    Shwag: $10-20 an 1/8th
    Mids: $15-30 an 1/8th
    Beast: $35 to 50 an 1/8th
    Dank: 50 to 80 an 1/8th

    Hope this helped!:Rasta:
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  6. jimmy!

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    around here
    schwag is lowest, usually brown, and barely gets you high

    mids many seeds, smells alright and get you moderately baked (beasters are upper mids to lower dank, and have usually little to no smell, look really good, and few to no seeds and get pretty high unless wet)

    dank real good no-name weed or good local weed, sometimes called chronic, get you really high, what I usually smoke. It almost always has crystals and smells good, has little to no seeds.

    Headies is amazing bud that is memorable. Looks amazing, smells amazing, smokes amazing, and high is amazing. Well known buds like white widow, silver haze, haze #1, northern lights, blueberry, ak-47, super skunk, hindu kush, og kush and may others. Also top quality hybrids would fall under this category.
  7. LIP

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    The strains you listed ARE hybrids. Nearly ALL strains are.
  8. GreenGiant07

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    You can usually tell the quality and type of weed by certain characteristics associated with it.

    Does it have alot of crystals? (white specks on leafs n bud) If so, its pretty good quality stuff.

    Does it have a smell? I tend to find the stronger/danker the smell, the better the quality.

    How dense is it? If its very dense, try to break off less then normal and see how that works out.

    Never forget there are as many strains of weed out there as there are opinions, if it has a distinct smell thats very pungent, alot of crystals and it has a unique look (white hairs, blue bud etc.) its probably some good stuff.
  9. puff themagic dragon

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    i just bought some weed today and its green and looks good....and has a lot of crystals, but the smell isnt very this good or bad weed?
  10. jagarr

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    pics pls
  11. stars stars stars

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    sorry to hi-jack, boxcar.

    Just because your weed doesn't smell strong, it could just be the fact that your dude just put it in the bag. Stop stressing about if it's good or no and smoke it and then tell us.
  12. puff themagic dragon

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    well u dont have to yell at me!
  13. purplekush989

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  14. puff themagic dragon

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    mine doesnt look like either of the 3....mine is a lot more green
  15. silkyblue

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    I saw weed that looks like lttle tiny, pinetrees, it wasnt bad <>< <>< <><
    the most Ive seen is 5 lbs on the coffee table,

    years ago of course
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  16. nolanfortwenty

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    if theres alot of crystle than it should be pretty good. smoke it up
  17. puff themagic dragon

    puff themagic dragon Registered+ was amazing! i only smokd a gram last night in my bong and it was awsome!!

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