Kinda of curiouse as someone used those light before?

Discussion in 'Indoor Lighting' started by GreenAuto, Jan 24, 2018.

  1. GreenAuto

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    Maybe has someone used these LED lights ? How durable are they? Im looking for quality LED lights and wish it run 2 year growing at least but charge affordable price.. Cant afford California lights, black dog...:(:(:(

    Much apprecaited if any help or suggestions. Thanks:dancing::dancing::dancing:
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    I looked into LED lights a couple years ago. I'd stay away from Chinese imports and stick with USA or European brands. You should really look into the over all cost of using LED lighting though. The savings on the electricity needs to be looked at. If you live in an area with high electrical bills, then it would make more sense to invest in LED, otherwise, the initial cost of the LED will take so long to pro rate with electrical savings, that it might not be worth using LED lighting.

    If your just getting into growing indoors, using CFL lighting is an option. You won't get the same yields as dedicated grow lights, but you can still get some really good weed and decent yields with a much lower cost of jumping into the fray. Generally it takes a few grows to really get a feel for growing anyway, especially if your not into gardening as a lifelong hobby.
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    Thanks for help bro. Yes that website called Marshydro is from China. Im a creazy fan for HPS. but also wanna try something new, LED or COB with full spectrum... do know how amazing HPS works but also curious how led do on Yield weight and saveing electric bill.. Am I incompatible? LOL lol :S5:

    What lights you are using now? CFL?
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    is that an ad post?
  5. GreenAuto

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    First grow -- That's my set up the whole closet if I want it kinda like it cause it's like one big tent haha it's kind of a trial run probably will lose some guess I do not need the second light for a month or so right more when they get bigger

    Set up:

    Mars Pro II 80
    Grow bar reflector 120cm side light

    5 x 2.5 x 5 closet

    Seeds: 4~5 00 kush plants from a fellow member on SNS

    %OE3Y~2DP4{OV{KMDD`RQHO.png EYV6BFM}{BW4)}R1(}I~C@H.png
  6. GreenAuto

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    Gosh !!! I may have to start over as the only hydroponic/ organic grow store where I live has no idea what they are doing and sold me nutrients no one has ever heard of that killed my plants. :mad::mad::mad: What should I do:(:(:(
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    You can start by not blaming the hydro store. :D

    Those plants were much too young to need any kine nutes.
    If you fed them you killed them.
    No worry happens all the time.
    Next batch? Give them plain water until the cotyledons start to shrink or the new growth pales.

    That light looks too far away to keep them from stretching.
    I could be wrong about that, depending on power and lensing.

    The best thing you can do now is click on the first link in my sig and read.
    Then read some more. Maybe even buy a book.
    Best not to try to grow by asking a few questions
    You will need a basic understanding of this plant to be able to tell good advice from no so good advice..
    Then, plant more seed. :)

    Wee 'zard
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  8. GreenAuto

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    Thanks for your help bro. Will sub your thread . So many links. lol lol.. Will read it one by one on weekend. quick Q: whats nutrients and growl ights to support your plants?
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    I prefer bi-color LEDs and use only Foxfarm soil and plain water for the first month or so.
    Most soils have enough basic, and trace elements for most of the veg cycle.
    If new growth starts to go pale, I simply up-pot.
    Foxfarm soil is hot enough to carry them all the way to flower as long as they are not root-bound.

    I do have some Captain Jack's, dry "flower" nutes for the debutantes.

    It is all P. and K. that has the girls raiding their fans for nitrogen at the end.
    Saves me some trimming work and makes for large, solid buds.

    It's wise to read through the archives. Even the stuff you don't currently care about.
    Some of the best info I have gleaned was stumbled over while searching for something else. :)
    And you will know whatever you're going to need to know 2 years down the line, yah?
    Here's what no nutes at all can do; morning wood.JPG
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  10. GreenAuto

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    Whats bi-color LED? Heard of Foxfarm soil before. Lots of friends are using foxfarm. You are running outdoor not indoor?
  11. Weezard

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    Just red and blue.

    I veg indoors with leds and flower outdoors in sunlight.
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  12. GreenAuto

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    Actually interested in your indoor plants, any pictures?
  13. Weezard

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    Go to my profile page, click on media and start at page 13 then work your way back.
    young-un.JPG cooler than.JPG Stacked.JPG DSCF7445.JPG Teenyboppers4.JPG the harem.JPG 6 weeks.JPG

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  14. GreenAuto

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  15. GreenAuto

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    Hows everything man? Weekly update. Closer pics for healthy baby and solid light..Till now, no complaint. ;);) Emmm, Im planning to expand culture space. Maybe a new tent. IDK. Cuz money tight now.. lol lol:rolleyes::rolleyes:

    8@~@J1C`[JO{A08LTN{%Z~K.png G855QS`H}O7~LI%0(YUJ]E3.png
  16. GreenAuto

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    Made my decision for new tent 4x4ft, now just wait for delivery...:rastasmoker::rastasmoker: Stocked on it :Rasta::Rasta:

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  17. GreenAuto

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    my mars 4x4ft grow tent set up!!! lookin awesome:D:D:D

    $)88OGI50WO6WX85@Y2()TU.png J9V9M}I637G8CR$(ZWU5Z18.png

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