Knowledge is Power (an essay)

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    After some debating of evolution vs creationism, and after reading some of Jack Herer's book, it just hit me like a ton of bricks, and I thought I'd share this thought with all of you (if you care, that is :D)

    Knowledge is Power. Yes, most of us have heard that a million times on School House Rock on Saturday mornings, but it means so much more than they could have ever imagined.

    Knowledge is the ultimate weapon and the ultimate defence. Since the dawn of civilization, the powerful have restricted the Knowledge available to us common folk, and that is precisely how they maintain their power.

    One of the best examples of this (and because it's currently very fashionable (and fun!) to bash them) is the Catholic Church. Make no mistake, I'm Italian and the Church has always been very important in my family. However, since the very beginning, that is since around 100 A.D., it has consistently withheld Knowledge from its followers. But HOW did it gain so many followers so quickly? By claiming a monopoly on Knowledge right from the outset, by being extremely exclusive, moreso than any other religious cult in recorded history. Think about it: during a time of great crisis (as the 3rd century certainly was for the Roman Empire), a time when barbarians are invading the empire from all angles, a time when the Roman elite seemed incapable of defending their own population, out comes this religion which claims that it and ONLY it has the ability to save people for eternity. It has the ultimate Knowledge, Eternal Life. Seriously, who wouldn't be seduced?

    For ever since then, as Christianity claimed the majority of the population, it became easier and easier to ostracize and destroy those would go against it. Think about the Crusades, the Inquisition, the thousands of people burned at the stake because they claimed to have some Knowledge or other.

    Think about evolution versus creationism. Creation is in the Bible, the holy book of Christianity, therefore the Church cannot possibly admit that it is just a story with a moral lining. For better or worse, the Church claimed a monopoly on Knowledge and it will not let it go without a fight.

    Think about the story of Creation. Adam and Eve get kicked out because they ate the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Strangely, eating from the Tree of Life was just fine and dandy. Good little Christians (and Jews too, for that matter) are told from the time they are very young that God kicked Adam and Eve out because they knew too much. It's ok to live forever, but you can't have Knowledge. Even God doesn't want man to have Knowledge!

    Think about Copernicus and Galileo. They were the first to say that the Earth goes around the Sun, and look where it got them. Excommunication, threats of being burned at the stake for their heretical views. But as Knowledge spread, as it inevitably does, the Church came to realize "OK, OK, we'll give 'em that one." Will the same happen with evolution? You bet. (By the way, you know when the Church officially apologized to Galileo? 1969, at the council Vatican II. Galileo died in 1642, alone and isolated under house arrest.)

    I guess I really went off against the Catholic Church, but it is not the only corporation guilty of this crime against humanity. ALL governments do it, whether it's Stalin, Mussolini, Hitler, Bush or Clinton. All those who have power keep Knowledge from the people they dominate so that they can retain power for as long as possible. Goddamn it, even Microsoft does it. Apple is the superior product, yet I bet 90% of us (myself included!) use Windows and IE.

    Just consider the ban on Marijuana. It's not deadly, it doesn't cause criminal behavior, it's even a very helpful plant, yet it's illegal. Tobacco kills millions, causes cancer in smokers and non-smokers alike and alcohol leads some people to very violent behavior, yet these two substances are perfectly legal, simply because it is convenient to them (government). But who knows these things? Only us, in these forums. The vast majority are ignorant about these things.

    Fuck government, fuck religion, fuck anyone who will keep Knowledge from you. Go out there and get informed, learn, read, and most importantly keep an open mind and engage in healthy (and respectful, always) debate.

    The conclusion is this: armed with Knowledge, we can defend the freedoms of man, and we can attack the establishment when it flagrantly hides it from us. Knowledge will set you free.

    Toke on people.

    P.S.: I know this is long, but it's late at night and I'm a little stoned and the creative juices were flowing! :D

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    Excellently written post, FLESH :)

    I have to agree - Knowledge is power.
    It has been one of my favourite sayings since I began to open my eyes (some 15yrs ago).
    Ten years ago, I began to notice the protocol and it's manipulative power. The protocol that subliminally controls the way we think and feel, and feeds us pertinent information to coerse our opinions and emotions.
    Blip-Verts and propoganda, socio-schematic demands, not to mention the lure of exoticism, are all designed to keep us in the loop - dependant upon the very thing that we seek to escape.

    The success of the protocol depends upon the most simplest of mathematics - percentages...or, probability.

    You see, in any given group of 100 people, I would reckon on at least 4 of those people would be of the disposition to take advantage of the others in the group.
    The question is; how do the minority gain advantage over the majority?
    Futhermore, how can that advantage be obtained, whilst at the same time, maintaining order and discipline?
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    all i can say is wow because well i cant even respond to that just know that u made me think
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    was a good read
    took me one jiont to finish it

    nice one
    happy tokes to you
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    yeah i really enjoyed made me think aswell......:D....nice one
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    By claiming a monopoly on Knowledge, a smaller group can easily control a larger group. In other words, by saying "we have the answers you're looking for." That way, a dependency is created.

    You know, I always hated philosophy, and here I am... :eek:

    RESiNATE Registered+

    Ah, but philosophy gives one so much to think about :D
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    good post flesh. i agree knowledge is power, and the only way the powerful can stay in such power is through making sure the populace remains ignorant. but the one point i differ from you is that in the case of the U.S and other western countries, they are not suppressing what or what not thr populace can learn or read or say, this very post is proof enough, they rely on the general lazyness of the population. The goverment knows the truth about their activities can be found out, they just know the vast majority of the population are too concerned about their eveyday activities to do research or hold them accountable, or to say it more frankly people dont give a shit. I think the same can be said about the modern christian churches, i mean why would people want to destroy their own hope that theres a god and a heaven, to say it even more simply most people are happier ignorant. And for the ones who know the goverment and religious institutes all lie they know theres far too few of us to make a change. Well that will finish my rant, i have no idea how to change the situation(make people give a shit) i mean the knowledge is there for anyone looking. anyone else have any ideas?
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    I have an idea about how to get some more ppl to understand the truth about cannabis. That would be to get a well respected scientist, researcher, or doctor publish an article in a largely circulated paper like the New York Times, and try to get it right on the front page. Soon, news channels everywhere would pick up the story and interview the author. At least then more average, everyday ppl that would not normally do the research, would learn the facts. What the general public does with the info is an entirely different story, though. :rolleyes:
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    Maybe we should hold some mass debating sessions...:rolleyes:
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    Juggalo, you're right in saying that a lot of people couldn't be bothered to gain any sort of Knowledge. That's an unfortunate situation.

    As for the Church, what I'm saying is that the Church leaders created the need for salvation, and convinced the masses that they would want salvation too. It's the ultimate marketing scheme, create a need where there really isn't one, and then place yourself as the only person or institution that can provide for that need.

    In any case, Knowledge does not preclude Faith. It is very much possible for a person to have Faith and Knowledge at the same time. I read some books written by disaffected priests who came to hate the system in which they worked, yet they reteined their faith throughout. You can believe in the moral lessons of Jesus, or Buddha, or Moses, or whoever without being controlled by the political framework. I know that many of my professors, all extremely intelligent people, who do have some sort of Faith, yet they're not blinded and ignorant.

    Knowledge is not Atheism. Knowledge and Faith can co-exist in one person, it's just a question of realizing the lies and the distorted truths....
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    being faithfull means you have to be tolerant many things happen to test ppls faith and the whole creation vs evoltuion.

    owever, there are not just two conflicting belief systems concerning the origin of plants, animals, humans, the rest of the world and the rest of the universe. There are literally many hundreds of theories and these theroeis will continue on for the rest of time.

    We all know most of them. But what we know aitn always what other ppl know and or believe in.

    There have also been few issues where the weight of evidence is so staggeringly in favor of sciencee, yet where there are still so many who wantonly discard that fact in favor of the completely unsupportable religious point-of-view.
    Since religion - especially the Fundamentalis t variety - is based on faith instead of fact, anything that might erode that faith would inevitably cause the religion itself to crumble. The Bible is an account of historical events. Like a text book.

    The evolutionist believes in FACTS where ppl who believe have faith in things which never occurred. How do you knoww ethey neve r occurred. Are you sure that Christ never rose from the dead, for example? How can you be sure that He didn't?

    While evolution is now accepted as a fact by science and is becoming accepted by the Catholic Church, the mechanism underlying its most important aspect, evolutionary progress, is not clearly established. Even science acknowledges that the mechanism depends on very longg streaks of luck. The evidence for it is thin, a working model has not been demonstrated, and consensus within science has not been reached.

    The word evolution originally meant "opening" or "unfolding," as when a bud becomes a flower. Today, science wants to remoeve any hint of progress from the meanning of "evolution." In biioology now, the technical meaning of "evolution" is simply "change".

    In science God never emerges from behind a curtain and performs an act of supernatural intervention this kinda shit just dont happen. This principle is maintained if life has no beginning. Soo We think this conclusion n is the scientific one. From a religious perspective, conversely, life that comes from eternity is an unassailable miracle. Liek a rose that grows from concrete.

    The argument has gone on for years and it will do. Theres no way of prooving them to be right or wrong. theres no right or wrong answer just consequences.

    every1 has a opinion and every1 has the rite to share that opinion and thats wt caused the whole evo/sceince debate. just cos u cant see somethign doesnt mean its not there.
    sorry if i waffle d on
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    i hope i didnt stray of the point but we all gta say wt we think.
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    There is a right answer, there are only those who refuse to recognize it. Remember what I wrote about Compernicus and Galileo? 450 years ago, everyone laughed at them (except for the other scientists) and most believed that our little planet was the center of the Universe. Things chamged back then as they will in the future.

    Look back in History, and you will notice a religious cycle, much like the economic cycle of growth and recession. The power of organized religion grows and shrinks repeatedly over the centuries: in roman times religion was something to do on the weekend, in the Middle Ages the pope was the master of all Europe, in the Renaissance reason prevailed over religion, during the Reformation religion was fashionable... this cycle goes on and on, and considering the global trend of religious fundamentalism today, it seems we're at the strongest point of the religious cycle. In some years, maybe even as much as a century from now, there will probably be another age where science and reason reign supreme.

    When I said it's possible to reconcile Faith and Knowledge, I mean Faith in a purely spiritual way. One could in essence have Faith in the moral teachings of Christ, while at the same token understanding that the Bible is IN NO WAY a historical document, but a moral and mythological one.
  16. robert42

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    You a smart person ;) you make good valid points and dont stray from a debate to a argument :D

    I believe what i see and althought i cant see god i believe i can see his creations you know what i mean? when you see that sunrise and the birds chirp and the trees and flowers and sea i see that and it gives me hope, my faith has been tested since i was 5, but i hope there is a god so i beleive i go to a better place when i pass. im sure none of us what to think we just die and thats that.

    good posts f l e s h ;)
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    Ha, Robert...and you say that, after you just described the wonderous nature of the place in which you reside now!

    I've said it a billion times: When will the human race begin to realise that 'Heaven' is right here?

    It is only the greed and selfishness of us humans, that make this 'heaven', such 'hell'.

    I watched an advert for the Red Cross, the other day (can't remember which day, because I have been in a state of zombieness lmao), and I was quite shocked and saddened by what I saw.
    We are now entering the year 2005, and yet we still have poverty and illness, malnutrition and starvation, whole swathes of people who are without homes and can this be?
    These conditions are not brought about by natural disaster.
    They are not the result of God's wrath.

    These situations exist PURELY because of Man's greed and selfishness.
    They exist because it suits the power dreams of a few people, who will stop at nothing to realise their dreams.

    The peoples that are subjudgated by these individuals, find themselves in the predicament that they are in because of a lack of knowledge.
    The ones in power have used the fear of the unknown against those people that they seek to subverse.

    And this tactic is not confined to third-world countries.
    We are also the victims of propaganda - and follow along, blindly accepting what we are told, without really questioning what it is that we are agreeing to!

    FLESH, you're exactly right with your historical examples of how closed-mindedness has 'stunted our growth' (euphamistic term lol).
    Science versus Religion - Fact verus Faith....
    I agree with you; they should not be adversaries, they should be partners.

    The only way forward, is to collate ALL of the information at hand - both scientific, religious, and possibilty...
    Only then, can we begin to assess and deliberate.
    Out-of-hand dismissal (or, blind adherence) is like trying to judge distance with one eye closed.

    Until then, we will continue to witness shit-pit ghettos situated next to affluence....why?

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  19. robert42

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    btw RES wt u sed abouT the yr 2005 and poverTy is 110% correct man thats not a act of god thats a aact of man.


  20. F L E S H

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    Res, you are spot on right. We don't need to look to the after-life for a better place, Man has the power within himself to accomplish it right here and now. My friends, we are not made in the image of God, God is made in our image, and He represents the potential of Mankind for saving itself and helping its own who are in need.

    Imagine if the US spent even half of what it spends on the military to feed and cure those who need it.... I know it's optimistic buulshit which will never happen, but it's important for people to realize that the potential exists. If you want your prayers to be more useful, pray to your heads of state, tell them what they should do. They serve us, remember?

    We don't need God to help us, we can be God to ourselves. We just need to learn to share 2 things which historically are the things which people are the most reluctant to share: money and Knowledge.

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