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  1. hellaxgood

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    have no idea what strain this is? has thick white hairs like thorns or claws..turning pink on the very tips..

    any help?

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  2. moosezilla

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    looks like some cali or mexico kush ... but who knows im from michigan and r leaves are 6 inches long by 3 inches wide so im positive its not from up here... other then that idk what kind it is .... mabey u should name it and breed it?
  3. 1Onelove

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    I have a bagseed right now growing that has those thick white hairs dominating the whole plant..Good work Looks like a good tasting bud. What was your set up???
  4. psychodelic

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    I don't know about strains, but your plant looks like a regular healthy headies plant. I don't see the pink tips in any of the pictures. And yes, your pistils are bit, but it doesn't make it "Krazy" :) Looks like a regular plant to me.

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