L.S.D what pheno and flowering time?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by higher_than_you, Jan 17, 2017.

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    Hey .. so iv been searching threads even typed l.s.d in the search bar but hitting nothing. im looking for some info on the barnys farm l.s.d...flowering times from experience and pheno's? if anyone has any growlogs on this strain id love to read them. i'v googled the different pheno's ect and im seeing short plants to long stretchy ones, full to sparce and low yields to high yields.. why is it such an unstable stain? "A friend" of mine has one short stumpy thing that after 4 weeks of 12/12 still hasnt made up its mind what its doing? A couple pistols but no real sign of change and one that looks about 50/50 on sat/ind.. although from experience i would say only a quarter of the way through on flower.. as this strain is new to "us" id just like to compare notes really.. a what to expect i guess.. thanks in advance!
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    I typed
    "barnys farm l.s.d. phenotypes" into google.
    About 4,350 results
    (0.44 seconds)

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    Haha yea there is overkill on information these days with google.. somewhat contradictive though i found.. just seems a very unstable strain.. the only consistant info is the high.. quite cerebral.. cant find many growlogs either which is what i was really looking for the most.. i guess im trying to collect as much data as possable to compare against "ours".. i was just slighty concerned 'were' going to have low yields with long flower..
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    Seedfinder.eu.has any info on lineage or parenting as well as pheno types found..
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  5. emilya

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    please let me invite you to look at my LSD grow journal. It was not done here, but it was done and should provide you with quite a bit of usable information. It should have been easily found by google since it has had over 9500 views and 248 comments.

    you will find in my conclusions at the end of the log, after curing, that I really enjoyed LSD and will be growing it again.
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    I did find your log, it was a very informative one and was everything i was looking for so aplaud you on your attention to detail, a very good read indeed. Sadly, not reflecting my grow at all! Iv come to realise that maybe what pheno i had was nothing to do with the poor progress..I recently did a check of temps and due to being winter here my lowest recorded low temp was minus 13.5!! I have since rectified the temp issue but the dramatic fluxuation from warm to cold has massivly impacted the yield of the harvest, although still covered in trichs the nugs them selfs arnt very tight nor very big, they still look tasty but ill be lucky to crop an 0z per plant..They have been going for ten weeks now and i literally cant squeeze any more days out of them so i cutting my losses and they are getting the chop tonight. Currently have 5 "GlueBerry OG" (new strain thats just been bought out by Dutch P) in germ with two already sprouting tails.. hopefully now with the flawed grow area sorted i will see some better results!

    Emilya i do believe that when i first joined this forum you were the first to welcome me.. and many years later are still coming up with the goods! Cant fault the grow log! Such a good read, hopefully in the future i will try again with l.s.d strain and hopefully see better results
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    great info of l.S.d!

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