Lab sent drug test results to employer 2 days ago but i haven't heard anything?

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by SashaJ, Aug 20, 2015.

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    Okay so here it goes, Ive passed many drug tests using the good old dilution method. Most luckily for me have been dip sticks or if they were labs, I was also lucky that the employer accepted negative-dilute. (only one wanted a hair test after the dilution...never went to that one ha!) Well here we go into stress mode because it's never been this long. I got offered a job I really want contingent upon background screen and drug test. I go to the urgent care after drinking approximately 3-4 24oz of water totalling 75-90 something ounces. It was clear with slight yellow only. This was on Sat. They said Fed Ex would pick it up Monday ship it to Alere lab. So days go by and I wait and wait and here we are on Thursday and no word. So I called Alere and just stated hey I just want to know if you guys have sent my results back? They stated they sent it two days ago. Does this mean if it were positive, the employer most likely would have called by now? Or, if it was dilute (which I'm pretty sure it would have been) wouldn't you think they would contact me if they required a retest? Any thoughts or experiences? I already got the offer letter, but as I said it is contingent upon these two things. Also I was a daily smoker, but lucky for me quit about 2 weeks prior to test, i know not long, but thought i'd throw that out there. Thanks guys for any input. Oh the employer stated they would be in touch with me after all results were back and stated it would be sometime this week hopefully as training starts soon. So that's why i've been waiting. The agony.
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    Is Alere the Medical Review Officer also? If you test positive the MRO normally calls you before they send the results to your employer.
    I would say you either tested negative or came back as diluted/inconclusive.
    I am a pretty strong believer in the dilute method. Everything else seems to fail at one point or another.

    Please don't forget to post the results. Following up will help other people that are in the same situation.
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    Alere is the lab and I'll definately post the results as soon as I hear. I was nervous because Alere is from what I understand a pretty prestigious lab with high tech stuff that even is able to pick out synthetics like quick fix specifically which is what it says on their website. So i'm glad i didn't go that route.
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    They seem just like every other lab out there. Hr is probably waiting on the back round check. Most companis will do one then the other. Drug test comes back positive then no reason reason for them to spend money on the backround check.
    Call your employer and ask if they have a start date worked out. I smoked everyday. Not a lot but almost everyday for a year and was able to pass using just water dilution. Just don't smoke till you have the job.
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    Thanks Peterspan, yeah no word yet, but i'm guessing i should hear back Mon or Tues since today is Fri. Dilution has 9/10 times worked for me as well. So far 3 weeks no greens for me lol.
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    Wow...I was testing positive after 4 weeks with dilution so heavy that it was coming out crystal clear (home tests, 50ng/ml).

    I like weed waaaay too much! :D
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    Thanks for following up with your results jackass

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