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Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by geekedupgirl, Jun 9, 2007.

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    I recently found out that I have to take a drug screening for yet another job. And this time, they are using a company called LabCorp. I've been doing alot of searching on the web, various threads at various sites.
    My question is ...
    Has ANYONE ever been supervised while taking a drug screen for this lab?

    I know that 9 times outta 10 they won't supervise you unless they have reasonable cause or at your employer's request. But of course, having never used this lab before I'm scared shitless even though I have clean pee to sub with ( something I have done before ). I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
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    The employer cannot request an observed test unless you do something to cause suspicion such as failure to empty pockets if asked, failure to remove outerwear such as a coat or jacket, or giving a sample that is not between 90-100 degrees. A buldge in the clothes may result in the collector asking you to pat yourself down but the collector cannot touch you.

    All this info pertains only to non-military employment. This does not include probation/court ordered testing either.
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    So, for all of those who are reading this post. I just returned from my drug screen at LabCorp and I thought I would give you the skinny about the whole process. I've tested at both Quest Diagnostics and LapCorp -- and to me, LabCorp was a simpler process. IDEAL FOR SUBSTITUTION ( not supervised for pre-employment). But it obviously depends on the location at which you test in your area and whether your tester is a hag.

    I have substituted before, and shared the details of my experience on another post -- just search. Anyway, I opted for a different method this time. I boiled some HOT water and put it in a thermus which stayed quite hot the whole time ( to me, more reliable than heating pads especially if you have a while from the clean donor to the actual facility. ) Simply dunking a condom in maybe 5 times, the temperature was perfect ( if you let it sit for too long, you run the risk of having a sky high temperature like 104 and then you run the risk of breaking the condom ). So, not too long, boys and girls.

    I took the temperature with a digital thermometer and it was exactly 98.9 degrees. Fuck yes! In my opinion, there's no reason to bring the thermometer in with you especially if it beeps -- if its at temperature when you place it against your body, it will stay warm for at least 45 minutes (may depend on climate). Practice, find your own " hot spot" to store the sample -- take various temperatures when stuck between breasts, ass, nuts, cooch and then just go with the highest so you'll lessen your worries.
    I twisted the condom up and twist tied it closed ( last time I knotted and really, there's no difference, but this was far quicker with shaky hands ). Stuck it between the ass cheeks and went in. I waited in the lobby for approximately 15 minutes during which, although the method had been practiced and even executed before, temperature concerns will always be there.
    Walked in to the screening area, still anxious about pulling off my mission -- and then the lab tech gets on the phone. Yackety, yack yack.
    " FUCK! " I'm thinking.
    When she finally shut her trap, I made some small talk with her and she took all my info BEFORE the sample was issued and she also checked the temperature box ( 90-100 ) ' YES '. She didn't even ask me to turn out my pockets. So from there on, I knew it was GOLDEN ( no pun intended, heh. ). All I had to do was not spill.
    FYI : Nice nurse, nice nurse -- just butter them up so they get distracted or lazy.
    Then, I went in and did the business. And as usual I was filled with relief when that clean piss hit the cup. It's really an amazing feeling. And the process is almost too easy. So, if you're in a bind and you think theres no way out -- subbing just might save your ass. I'll post back with the results but I used this donor a few weeks ago, so I know it's all good.

    TIP: Smoke a bowl before you go, it will ease your paranoia. I know I did. Heh. WORKS LIKE A CHARM. Good luck all.
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    I'm still with You....
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    Congrats but once again let me say this for the 50th time. Because of all the lawyers in this country, by law employment drug tests cannot be observed (watching urine flow from the body to the cup) or monitored (collector in the same room) unless you give them cause such as failure to empty pockets or removal of outerwear when asked, poor temp, or a buldge in the clothing. It is not the testing company (Quest, Labcorp, Knoll, etc) that decides if they want to watch or if the collector is in a good or bad mood or which location you go to. Period.
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    geekedupgirl, during your test do you remember a thermometer or temp strip on the side of the sample cup? or something that tells you the current temp so if needed you can blow on the sample to drop it to the needed temp?
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    thnx for your help btw. :)
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    So I have a "fake urine" do you think they'd know it was fake. It's chemically very close to urine. Has Uria in it

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