Labcorp pre employment drug test. HELP!

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by choomraider, Jun 5, 2015.

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    Hey everyone! Ive done a lot of reading on this site but this is my first post. I just wanted to hear from others with experience regarding labcorp and their drug tests. Heres my situation:

    Im 22, 5'11, 170lbs(was at 185 and lost 15 pounds in the month I quit due to dieting and exercise). Pretty athletic/active(also drink around 1 gallon of water a day) Smoked loud every day for about 6 months. Normally about 1/8 a week. I received a job offer from a very good company recently and was informed I would have to take a drug test. Luckily I had already quit smoking so I had a head start. The last time I smoked was May 1. Thursday May 28 I took a First check drug test and failed(no dilution). After failing that test, I bought a few more. I did slight dilution with water the next day (May 29) and passed the test with a very faint line. I thought I was going to be tested on June 1st so I quit exercising on the 29 and started to let my diet go a little. I then took another test Sunday(May 31) and once again passed it with a faint line. I went in for a follow up interview Monday and she told me she needed me to go take a drug test at labcorp the following morning. After the interview I took one more first check drug test and passed it with a solid line(granted I may have diluted a little more). I also started taking a super-b vitamin a couple days before the test in order to add color to my urine. The morning of the test, I woke up at 7:30am and immediately took a super-b vitamin, and began to drink some water. I probably drank just under half a gallon, and a 32oz gatorade before the test. I took the test around 9:30AM Tuesday June 2. I peed 5 times before the test and used my midstream urine for the sample, but because of the vitamin I pissed a nice yellow tint. Today is Friday June 5, and I still haven't received my results. I called the job about when I would be starting and they told me the background check and drivers license check came back ok, but they were still waiting for the drug test results. Now Im really nervous because Ive heard the drug tests should come back fairly soon if they are negative. However, Another thing I noticed is the listed MRO for the company was in St Augustine FL(which is where the corporate office for the company is), which is around an hour and a half away from where I am located. I'm not sure if they had to send the urine to be tested there, or if it was done at the small labcorp I went to the other day(I read that not all labcorps perform the test on location, that some send them to the lab regardless of whether or not you receive an initial positive). Im just wanting your opinions on whats going on. Is it taking longer because they sent it to another lab to be tested and I still could be negative? Or is it taking so long because I failed the initial test and it is being confirmed positive now? Its driving me crazy at this point! Has anyone received a negative result after waiting this long?
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    Also Im dying to smoke again! Is there anyway I get a negative dilute and have to test again? Or can I finally smoke again?!?
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    Come on people someone share your opinion!!!
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    You seem anxious because of everything you've gone through the past month. It seems like you want some reassurance or moral support, rather than any opinion that will mean anything because no one can know your results. The reality is that it can be anything. I have gotten results back the same day(labs that do instant test w panel on the cup) and I've also gotten clean results back over a week later(using LabCorp). LabCorp is notorious for inconsistently, among people I know IRL.
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    Thanks so much for your input it means a lot! I just was wondering about labcorps turnaround times really. I thought for sure I would be able to pass but everyday that goes by makes me even more nervous! Because most people said that a negative result is ready in a day or two.
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    If they do not call within two-three days, i'd say you are good. They don't call to tell you that you passed, they call to tell you that you failed.
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    Calm down. After reading your post, I really don't believe you have anything to worry about. These labs do not get in a hurry just because you are anxious. Their quickness totally depends on their backlog, so don't let the wait upset you. I had to wait for almost a month once when I applied for a job at a local medical center. Between the lab being slow and the hospital obviously being in no hurry to alleviate my nerves, I was about ready for a script of valium before I finally got the results. You're going to be just fine, so sit back and relax and enjoy your Sunday!! TWW
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    Hi group,

    Ive seen all the posts and just wanna ask.

    Ive smoked everyday for since 1995...LOL seriously... Breaks here n there but a heavy smoker maybe 3-5 joints a day of high grade....
    Lately I had slowed down as my quality was not like id prefer...So I was about a joint or two a day. Then I didnt do anyting for a week and 3 days.
    During that week and 3 days i got a job offer. Interviewed and aced it. Had been regularly been drinking water frequently but not to much. Three days before tesing I drank the Yogi detox tea every morning and night. I took the test on a wednesday and drank water pretty heavily the night before. The morning of the test I drank the Omni detox(8AM) before taking the test. Urinated 3x before going to take the test and then took the test around 12-1PM. Didnt drink any water day of test as I didnt want to over dilute. Its now monday of the following week and still havent heard anything about the test. Spoke with someone from the office and they got everything back except the results from labcorp. I keep reading if they hadnt call your good. Im worried as this would be a great job for me financially. Any comments???
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    So... How did it go? What happened?
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    I don't think he visits anymore. His last post was in June and he only posted 6 times.
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    There's a lot of posts of people asking what to do, few posting how it went. :|

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