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Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by seaworld112, Nov 28, 2009.

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    Took a urine drug test, the women waited till after i washed my hands and everything and it was cold in the place. I stopped and have been testing negative one home test. I asked if I should do it again or would this be fine, and she said it is fine if it is out of range. It was a labcorp location, and they were closing, I am confused as to why she didnt make me go again, am i not going to pass now because of temp?? now i have to wait even longer?? any help?? has anyone ever passed with out of range temp, i mean she knew it was like just out of range and it was warm.:mad::(
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    They don't just fail you because it is out of range, they just normally won't accept the sample. It seems the lady that tested you saw that it was barely out of range, so she just didn't care. But anyways, you'll pass as long as your piss is clean.

  3. seaworld112

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    Thanks for the reassurance, yea she seemed very nice and didnt doubt me at all, so that is what i was hoping. I just didnt think she would send it out for nothing. Do you know anyone who had passed without the temperature in range. All help is appreciated!!
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    If the tech wouldve found the temp to be an issue, she wouldve made you immediately give a second sample and under observation.

    Since this did not happen, you have nothing to worry about. The reason why the tech checks the temp is to see that you didnt use a substituted sample. Temp has no bearing on whether a sample tests positive or negative therefore, temp ceases to be a factor once the sample is bagged and sent off for the analysis.
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    Thanks for your response, I will let you all know how it goes!
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    just to let everyone know an update, i haven't heard any results from Labcorp or my new employer and i haven't gotten any phone calls. i will assume this means the test is negative as i took it on saturday, and she said i would have results within 24-48 hours. it's been about 4 days now and i've been racking my brain thinking that i would have been contacted by now. i'm supposed to start the new job in a week and a half.

    thank you mrmojo and burnttoast for the reassurance, you helped lower my stress levels over the weekend, lol. if i never post again after this, that means i started the new job and everything went well :D

    thanks again!!
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    i'm here once again for an update. so i got a phone call yesterday afternoon from HR at the job that I am supposed to be starting on Monday saying that they got the drug screening results back and because the temperature was out of range, that i will need to go to the lab and take the test again.

    i'm flipping out. the first time i had used a clean sub'd sample, breast milk bags, hand warmers, double underwear... long story short, i ran tests for the entire week before the screening, got a digital thermometer to test temperature at different intervals, all the tests were FLAWLESS. then the day of the screening, i get the fresh sample, position it in my pants with the hand warmer, just as i did in the tests, and i swear the tech must have just waited a bit too long because the cup was 100% warm.

    i have to go to the new employer and pick up a Labcorp form tomorrow and then i can take the test on Saturday at the earliest. my concern now is, if i sub again, do you think they will have to observe me urinating? i was thinking of maybe going to another labcorp location instead of the same one, because then how would they know they would have to observe me (if they needed to)?

    the first time, i was in a C.O.C. bathroom and i was able to close the door completely. i'm HOPING that i can do the same thing again except this time i will make SURE that sample gets on that counter in a split second. but still, how will i know for sure if they will observe or not?

    if anyone has been in a similar situation whether at Labcorp or another place, all input is welcome!!

    if it helps too, the sample required is around 60mL and it's split into two containers. one gets sent to a lab in another state (MRO). they said the results take a few days, so i may not be able to start on the 14th now (says HR).. i figured if i were to try and use quickfix or a synthetic, that it may be too long before the sample gets tested and i'm not sure how long quickfix will hold up in a situation like this one.. however, even then, it brings back the issue of observation...! help!!!
  8. Burnt Toast

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    When you took your first test, where you given a copy of the CCF form? It wouldve been noted on the form if the sample was out of the temp range at the time of collection.

    As I already stated, temp no longer becomes a factor once the sample is bagged, tagged, and sent off for analysis. Think about it dude...samples are not and will not maintain proper temp while they are in transit. And the sample will definitely not be in the temp range when its being analyzed at the lab.
  9. seaworld112

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    yea, i have a copy of the form and it was noted on the form that the temperature was out of range. the tech also didn't write down what tests would actually be performed, which i thought was strange.

    i know that temp is not a factor once she records it on the form, but i was worried that when shipping it out, how the qf or synthetic will work from that standpoint. i don't know why you're not suppose to expose it to direct sunlight, but i figured that it might play a role if it had to be shipped out to another state. i don't want it to arrive 'separated', or whatever happens to the qf. correct me if i'm wrong btw.

    i will scan the completed copy of the form now and post back an image very shortly.
  10. seaworld112

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    it's very hard to read, but under Remarks: it says

    "Donor aware temp out of range. (cold)"

    i don't think this form helps much because the test is not mentioned, but it's at this link:

    Burnt Toast, do you think taking it a second time at the same location will prompt them to observe me?

    do they normally observe you the second time for pre-employment screenings, if the first sample comes back inconclusive?
  11. Burnt Toast

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    Well, its evident that procedures were not followed.
    If the tech found your sample to be out of temp range, the tech was supposed to order an on-the-spot recollection and under direct observation. The tech would supposed to then process and send off both samples and indicate on the CCF (in the Remarks space) that a recollection under D/O had taken place, and the reason(s) why.

    So if youre granted a retest, expect fully that its going to be directly observed.
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    Does anyone know if labs require observation if you refuse after temp failing. for example employer a sent me to labcorp, i temp failed, refused observation because it was all women, and now a new prospective employer b sent me to the same company after refusin an observation. would the labcorp facility require me to still be observed before an attempt?? quit smoking a while ago and still failing but i need a job i have a family to take care of please help me.
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    I took a drug test and realized once I got home they gave me another woman specimen collection form I signed. Will I have to retest

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