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  1. shiscobob

    shiscobob Banned

    just wondering, what are all the possible things that weed could be laced with?
  2. shiscobob

    shiscobob Banned

    bump, anyone
  3. Faultydesign

    Faultydesign Registered+

    brown opium
    Paint Thinner
  4. Faultydesign

    Faultydesign Registered+

    ...better weed.
  5. shiscobob

    shiscobob Banned

  6. Faultydesign

    Faultydesign Registered+

    Why, did you get laced weed.

    I've read/seen alot of shit I could probably tell you what it was laced with.
  7. shiscobob

    shiscobob Banned

    ok, last week i got my weed from a differant person then normal. anyway i gave him the money, and he gave me a bag of weed, and said , this is some realy good weed. so i go home and try it out, and i just had a tiny bit, like half a bowl, or mabe 1/4 a bowl, and in about 3 min, my heart startid racing, just pounding, i could see my hart throbing when i took my shirt off. i then started to panick, and it got a little better, but only if i was walking around, if i was sitting still, i would start to freak out. anyway this lasted for about 3 hours, then it went away, and i was back to normal. so what do you think, was it laced, and if so, with what?
  8. shiscobob

    shiscobob Banned

    take a look at what i wrote, and tell me what you think.
  9. Faultydesign

    Faultydesign Registered+

    Hmm, how did it look?

    Was there powder on it?


    How did it smell?

    How did it taste?
  10. shiscobob

    shiscobob Banned

    well, it smelled like normal weed. not any powder that i noticed, but i never looked for any. also normaly the weed i get is in a bag all chopped up and ready to be smoked, but this stuff was like in clumps, so i had to grind it with my fingers so it would fit in my bowl.
  11. Faultydesign

    Faultydesign Registered+

    Hmmm...sounds like you just got really good weed and weren't prepared for it.

    If you didn't have any existance bending thoughts or visuals so that sort've rules out PCP

    And if it was laced with'd know.
    There would be alot of white powder all over it.

    But getting buds and not shake is the best way to go..I'd just try it again in a chill place when you're in a comfortable.

    ...or mail it to me lol.
  12. krauser

    krauser Registered+

    Just wondering, i read that you wrote windex. What the hell does windex do?
  13. shiscobob

    shiscobob Banned

    yeah, what is windez
  14. SmurfyBH

    SmurfyBH Registered+

    Weighs it down. I doubt he'd do that if he just sold you a bag.
  15. soxsuk6432

    soxsuk6432 Registered+

    And raid, or paint thinner does it just kill more brain cells or does it fuck you up more??
  16. KeanBean

    KeanBean Registered+

    all i gotta say is, weed could be laced wit anythingggg. for real, people could be puttin their fuckin feces in thea so u doint even kno, fuckin common sense, could be laced wit wateva
  17. endo..jay

    endo..jay Registered+

    cant smoke coke, it does nothing

    cant smoke pills either, wont do a damn thing

    coke hass to be in base form, and pills have a wax in them so they cant smoke either
  18. rantingsweed

    rantingsweed Registered+

    actually, you can smoke oxy, but not by the regular smoking way. you use foil and break the pill in half and put the open half(part where you split) on the foil and hold the foil at an angle so that when you put the lighter under it, it burns and slides down the foil. It's not very smart to do this though.

    edit: and it does do something to you, but again I would not recommend doing this
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  19. toker22

    toker22 Registered+

    you can't smoke cocaine? i know people who've said they've smoked cigs and weed w/ coke in it
  20. endo..jay

    endo..jay Registered+

    well then they lied

    coke has to be turned into freebase to have any effects when smoked

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