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Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by hey seuss, Nov 28, 2004.

  1. hey seuss

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    Anyone know if adding ladybugs is a good or bad thing???
  2. Torog

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    Howdy seuss,

    Yes,adding lady-bugs is a good thing..they eat all sorts of nasty critters that like to eat your mj plants. You can even buy them in some garden centers.

    Have a good one...Torog
  3. Euphoric

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    lady bugs are voracious predators.. if you have a pest problem they will start munching those lil bugs up (esp. aphids). they dont eat plants..

    interesting link with some basic ladybug info
  4. Encatuse

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    That's awesome. If I hadn't heard it from Torog I can say I never would have believed it. ^.^ w00t. I was wondering why this lady with a greenhouse had a sign that said she sold ladybugs... I thought maybe it was for like little kids entertainment or something, heh.
  5. Imotep

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    my vege garden is full of em.
    red ones, orange ones, yellow ones.
    the yellow ones eat fungus.
    wonders will never cease aye.
  6. llamaman666

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    praying mantis is also a good predetor for the grow room.
  7. cannabinoid

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    I made the mistake of using scotts soil from home depot and it produced an aphid infestation from hell. A guy at texashydroponics told me to use diatomaceious earth, which finally brought them under control. But if it happens again then I'll use lady bugs. It's less messy
  8. kuulbns

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    I have two species of ladybugs in my grow room. I was told that the commonly known "red" ladybug will eat aphids and some other pests. The lighter colored "yellow" (they actually look orange) ladybug eats fungus. I got the information from an agriculteral grad I know that works for the local University, (also the ladybugs) lol. Kuu
  9. fasts102376

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    tiger bloom

    hello all.. does anybody use tiger bloom 2-8-4? ifso is that strong enough for flowering stage or should i use stronger fert? i'm in soil..;) sorry i put this post in wrong place:(
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  10. Sparrow

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    Nice in bringing this thread back. Euphorics link is amazing. Who would have thought that is what they look like originally.

    I used to have a white house in the country and I came home one day and there were thousands of lady bug on the sunny side of my house.

    Tiger bloom is plenty strong enough in the potassium range.

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  12. chisme

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    mmmmm where do they lay their eggs? i wouldnt wanna smoke bud full of lady bug eggs
  13. Sparrow

    Sparrow Banned

    Do you think the babies could crawl off the thc. Its like the best fucking glue in the world. Ever try getting resin of your hands? The only thing that works is essential oils. The organic air fresheners are killer.
  14. Sparrow

    Sparrow Banned

    They dont really look like that. If they do they are damn small as I have never seen them have you? Try feeding mycelium and seal up your lights. You can spray soda on there backs so they cant fly if they are going to fly into the lamps after they shut off to keep warm then get blinded and baked when the lights come on. If you dont have shades its not a problem and they will stay if its warm enough. 85 is real good.
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  15. busteruk7

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    NICE thred you learn something new everyday i never knew ladybirds were good for eating fucking pests maybe i should try some if that problem ever arises for me cheers allllllllll:)
  16. Sparrow

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    Peditor mites are better, cheers
  17. busteruk7

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    what are them sparrow m8 :)
  18. Sparrow

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  19. busteruk7

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    pmsl ok m8 :)

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