Landrace Genetics

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    What exactly are Landrace Genetics..
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    What is Landrace?

    "Landrace seeds are seeds that have been grown locally in an area for…well…a long time. They are seeds that have been grown in a isolated area for several hundred generations. The longer the plant spends in that area the more acclimated it becomes to that environment. As plants breed they evolve to grow better in their environment, gaining and losing attributes giving it its own uniqueness."

    Landrace Seeds

    Link from the quote ^^^^
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    Thanks Bro :)

    'you must spread more rep before giving it to italiano again' lol
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    "Landrace refers to domesticated animals or plants adapted to the natural and cultural environment in which they live (or originated) and, in some cases, work. They often develop naturally with minimal assistance or guidance from humans using traditional breeding methods. Landraces differ somewhat from what is commonly termed a breed, and usually possess more diverse phenotypes and genotypes. They often form the basis of more highly-bred formalised breeds. Sometimes a formalised breed retains the "landrace" name, despite no longer being a true landrace."

    So sayeth Wikipedia, oracle of our age.
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    right on

    Hi. I'm new. I've got a few grows for experience and I want to diversify and try to grow some exotic crosses. Thanks for all this info.:hippy:
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