Largest Yeild off of 1000 watt HPS?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by DurbanStone, Nov 13, 2007.

  1. DurbanStone

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    What is the largest yield you have obtained off of a 1000 watt hps? Please state type of grow and any other specs you'd like.
  2. bmwboy713

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    3lbs per light 6 dwc buckets per light recirculating with dripper, 6 plants per bucket, no topping but stripping off all under growth, 1 hp regenerative blower for 16 buckets, 4 weeks veg. you can get 2lbs a light sog rockwool with a 4x4 white tray 142 4x4 cubes with a good sog strain also.
  3. growbe

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    Damn, I have to do a bucket grow. The hell with soil.
    My best was 38 oz's, 6 week veg, 8 plants, light mover, grown LST.
  4. DurbanStone

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    Dry weight? Wow, those are some fantastic yeilds!

    Very impressive, anyone else?
  5. bmwboy713

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    not that impressive if you break it down, its all about time and space management

    6 plant to a bucket x 2 buckets = 12 plants to a pound, good but very average. 6 buckets fit under a 1000 watt lamp so i get 3 pounds. pick sog strains that have little branching and hit them hard with bushmaster phosfoload whatever your preference for verticle growth inhibitors to keep them from stretching too much and there you have it.

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    8=38oz is not bad at all that's almost 5oz per plant not exactly but I would say that is damn good!

    DAMN I wonder what 2000watts would get you? how does the light mover work.:wtf:
  7. growbe

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    There is no way I could get the results without the mover. If you have a space that is 7x4 and you place that light in the middle then you will see that the plants on the end recieve minamal light. Add a mover and your prob. is solved. Now, is it better then having say 2,500 watt bulbs (which they don't make), not sure. The light penetration is so much better with a 1000 watt compared to say a 600. Grow LST and all bud sites receive the same amount of light. One of the keys with a mover is that you can skim the top of the plants without the use of a cool tube. Cool tubes are great, but do some homework and find out what is lost because of the glass. Not much, but the loss is there. Cool tubes are also great if you have heat issues, something I do not have.
    It's a "give and take."
  8. DurbanStone

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    Hmm, what if you move the plants around every few days? Or like you said with LST, and the plant is say, 2 feet high all around, then it will penetrate to the bottom, so in that sense I don't see how a mover would be beneficial.
  9. texas grass

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    1,000,000 grams per watt per foot, huhaaaaaaaa
  10. PharmaCan

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    xcrispi has a light mover and has real good results. Try to find the thread "xcrispis currents growings on" and check out his set up.

    PC :smokin:
  11. DurbanStone

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  12. growbe

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    Sure you can do that. What ever works for you. But moving plants once every 2 days and having the light mover move over the plants every 3 minutes is different. And when you have 8 plants in a room where almost every inch of space is taken up, it is very hard to move plants.
    Having the lights as close as possible to the plants without burning them is the way to go weather you are growing x-mas tree style, etc..
    Proof is in the puddn as they say. before the mover, ave yield was around a lb. and a half.
    Now, a SOG grow would be different (easy to move small pots), but your still moving close to 8 times the plants and I'm just lazy.
  13. bmwboy713

    bmwboy713 Registered

    plants dont like to be moved too often they go into shock and it reduces the yield
  14. tasermebro

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    just hang some side lighting your yield will double.

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