Larry OG Kush

Discussion in 'Cannabis Pictures' started by Farmer Rich, Dec 2, 2012.

  1. Farmer Rich

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    Here's some Cali Connection Larry OG at 49 days (first pic), which should be finished about 63-67 days. This particular plant was grown from a fem seed that was Fim'd just a bit during veg.


    Farmer Rich

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  2. Ssdivin

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    Looks like I should add that to my next order
  3. king of the world

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    Nice pics bro.

    Og Kush is by far one of my favorite kind of bud, and It always puts my on my ass!:Rasta:
  4. EvilCartman

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    Thanks for sharing, Farmer! Looks sweet! :) How's the aroma? :weedpoke:
    I'm sittin' on a packet of their regular "Larry" beans. Hoping their seed version is as tasty as the original.
  5. Farmer Rich

    Farmer Rich Registered+

    Hey EC,

    Once you get them going you should put up a pic or two.. This pack of fem beans has been great, though I did have 1 that was a runt that I killed off. The rest grew just like the one in the pics..

    I see a few people bitching about Cali, but if the Larry is any indication I'm going to keep using them. I also have a pack of Buddah Tahoe OG that I'm looking forward to, but it's going to a few months. Currently working on Utopia Haze, Kosher Kush and a Burmese Kush (TH Seeds) that I got as a freebee. Speaking of, last order I had included a pack of 10 regular Cali Chem 91 beans as the freebee. Not bad!


    Farmer Rich

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