Last days of flowering...need more instructions!!!!

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by XroadsterX, Jul 18, 2006.

  1. XroadsterX

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    Hows it going everyone. I'm on my last week of flowering...i'm supposed to harvest on Monday (24th). First Grow and i'm SUPER PLEASED WITH IT...Am i supposed to give them total darkness 2 days before i harvest? I think i was told that, but i dont remember and i cant seem to find it anywhere. I've already stopped giving them nutes 2 weeks ago....they're on a strict water diet only, and I'm assuming the yellowing of the leaves is because they're using all the left over energy from them.

    What do you guys think? You can be honest...i can take it.

    How much weight is lost during drying? 50%?

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  2. Pothead4204life

    Pothead4204life Registered+

    yeah darkness for the last 48 hours....are u harvesting by time or by checking the trichs?....
  3. XroadsterX

    XroadsterX Registered+

    Thanks for the input pothead. I'm harvesting by time. The person i got the seeds from said its 60 days give or a take a day or so on the money....he used to check the triches, but said the difference in "high" is not noticeable. So i'm just going to run with it. What do you think of my first grow?
  4. KHAN

    KHAN Registered+

    Sounds like you got it all figured man, good luck.

    I got 22 oz off 1 plant which dried to 4oz so...
  5. XroadsterX

    XroadsterX Registered+

    Damn Khan...that sounds like a monster plant....
  6. OmegaVermelho

    OmegaVermelho Registered+

    Dude She looks real good, but u should have stopped watering to, that would have speed up the drying process...and she will loose weight, how much???i seriously dont know
  7. XroadsterX

    XroadsterX Registered+

    So i should stop watering all together at this point? I'm scheduled to water them tomorrow actually....i dont want them to die on me either.
  8. Pothead4204life

    Pothead4204life Registered+

    yeah dude..stop forces a little stress on the plants and i believe it increases thc production...what lights you have?...nice grow by the way....:D
  9. noodlesqld

    noodlesqld Registered+

    22 oz dried to 4 oz's damn thats what i call shrinkage, i would be checking to make sure no one ran of with half ya harvest while u wernt looking :Rasta: :Rasta: :Rasta:
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  10. XroadsterX

    XroadsterX Registered+

    I"m using a 250 watt HPS conversion bulb....and i vegged w/ the MH bulb for 51 days....and thanx for the compliments...i can't wait to smoke it....i quit smoking for the duration of this grow so i could be REALLY ON MY ASS when i smoke my own stash.....3 months cold turkey....
  11. MeatRulz

    MeatRulz Registered+

    Looks like some dank on that tree boy is that a strain?
  12. XroadsterX

    XroadsterX Registered+

    Thanx Meatrulz...its BoggleGum strain.....i've smoked it before, but this is the first time growing it....its DANK as F____
  13. trupothead420

    trupothead420 Registered+

    yo, jus wanna say very nice crop...and enjoy tht final product ;) make sure to keep us posted...
  14. XroadsterX

    XroadsterX Registered+

    Thanks to everyone who helped me with this grow.....It's a finished deal, and I harvested 81.2 grams in total....from 2 of which was a hermie....not too shabby if i say so myself.
  15. yabatab

    yabatab Registered+

    FIRST GROW!! That's a good result for a first grow, my friend you
    are a natural. You have a huge green thumb.
  16. Sabrinaleena

    Sabrinaleena Registered+

    I was just curious as to how your plant did the final few days without water. I've never heard to stop watering before a harvest (not saying it's good or bad, just haven't read that yet). Do you think it made a difference in drying just yet, or too soon to tell?

    To be honest, I would feel really uncomfortable not watering for a few days before, but I grow outside in a hot/dry climate.

    By the way, she was gorgeous! I would almost hate to harvest her that's how good looking she turned out. Have fun! :D
  17. busteruk7

    busteruk7 Registered+

    its always a good idea to stop watering at a minimum of 4 days befour harvest as this helps the plant to use up most of the water stored inside the plant which in turn makes the drying process quicker
    i stopped watering 5 days befour my harvest and that made the drying process quicker by 3 days i think
    cheers all :)
  18. busteruk7

    busteruk7 Registered+

    i would have to disagree there cause there are too many factors in the grow that will determine the high you get at the end

    the info on the packet saying harvest at how eva many days
    is only a guide and it could take longer ,i think the only way to determine harvest is by looking at the tricholmes with a pocket magnifying glass ,dont get me wrong you will still get a high with it ,thats just personal preference at the end of the day ,looking good tho m8 and that main cola is looking juicy as fuck i bet ya cant wait hey i wouldent say no to a taste of it he he he he
    cheers all :)
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  19. XroadsterX

    XroadsterX Registered+

    Well I stopped watering it a whole 7 days before I harvested.....and the plant dried in 5 days hanging in my actually worried me as to how fast it was drying. As for my comment on the "high" not being noticeable...i agree that i should have done the trichome test, but that was another expense and I'll check them for the next grow. But the bud is delicious....its a stoney on your ass high, and its lasts a good amount....i'm very happy w/ it. Let me know if any of you are in the South Beach area and we'll toke...its on me.
  20. hotnorthernguy

    hotnorthernguy Registered+


    well at least u did it right your first time...I have people laughing at my plants and putting me down and telling me that they are not weed plants?....this is my first time so I really don't know but they do look like weed and I did get the seeds from another pot u guys tell me ok?

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