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Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by dirtnap411, Aug 25, 2009.

  1. dirtnap411

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    I got my plants last week, put them outdoors the day after I got them, and my dog promptly dug one up, it may pull through, but it's looking grim, the other two just got put into 5 gal buckets of some fairly peaty soil this morning, so far no sign of shock, I plan to give them a week to get used to the soil before I start feeding them. I only have 3 plants right now, it's what I could afford, the strain is Green Crack, right now they are about a foot to a foot and a half tall, I'll post pics tomorrow.
  2. dirtnap411

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    I can't find an option to edit posts, but here's a bad pic I took with my cameraphone the night before they went outside,

  3. sunbiz1

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    If you are in the Northern Hemisphere with plants this small, it's too late to attempt an outdoor project to full maturation. Marijuana first grows plant mass, and then flowers/buds in response to the shortening amount of sunlight(as is occurring in the northern US currently).

    I would use the the 5 gallon buckets to grow them outdoors, then you'll need an indoor UV source to finish them off.

  4. dirtnap411

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    I have a 1000w HPS, it's just too hot to use it right now, I've successfully gotten a good harvest starting this late, not a lot of buds, but still good.
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    Have you grown the green crack before? I was growing mango in the past, and did some research on the net and found out that mango/greencrack were allegedly the same thing. I absoulutely loved it, I'm sure you will too.
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    Try using one of those plants indoors anyways. Trick the plant into thinking it's actually Spring by gradually increasing UV exposure. It's worth a shot rather than getting one late bud.

  7. dirtnap411

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    Here's some pics I took today, I think I should give up on the one the dog dug up, but the delivery service brought me a shiny new clone today that will go outside in the morning, I told him about my dog problem, and he brought me the clone free of charge, much love to Organic Roots.

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