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  1. FanLeafFred

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    Fantastic indica. Fruity/flowery taste that is very strong. Almost like dryer sheets. Very good pain relief and sleep inducer. Grows big, fat dense buds. 20160213_142135.jpg 20160206_223022.jpg 20160206_004833.jpg
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  2. COweed

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    A few months back I bought some Lavender Jones (THC 18%), hybrid. nice stuff.
  3. growdemon

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    dryer sheets, ahkk/ that sounds disgusting I always hated the smell of those things, don't even want to know what they taste like..
  4. FanLeafFred

    FanLeafFred Registered

    LOL I hear ya. It smells and tastes really good. I struggle to properly describe it. One of my patients that really loves it describes it that way. It's a fruity/flowery smell that is very potent.
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  5. rastagurlx90

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    Does it smell/taste like lavender? :D i need this....
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  6. VakarianZ

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    Great photos! It looks lovely.
    I hear that a good Lavendar strain really lives up to it's name smell / taste-wise; in my experience, very floral

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