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Discussion in 'Hydroponics' started by TerraPharma, Aug 4, 2010.

  1. TerraPharma

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    I have some leaf curl like a taco on my bubba kush plants.

    They seem quite happy other than this.

    Is it from heat stress? We've had some warm days but the temp has never gone over 85, it usually hovers around 79.

    Did I have my lights too close?

    They are sharing space with two Cheese plants that show no signs of curl


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  2. GetThisOrDie

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    Whats up?

    Could be a ph problem.

    You should repost in the plant problems section and include the troubleshooting form located there. Just copy and paste it into your thread and answer all that you can. You will have a much better chance at getting help if you provide all the info needed for a correct diagnosis.
  3. tinytoon

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    possible heat issue but need more info. GToD makes a good point about problem plant section.
  4. maslor57

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    This does look like the lights were too close to the plant. I have seen similar leaf curl when my lights were too close. Was this plant closer to the light than the other two?
  5. TerraPharma

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    Thanks everyone!

    I've taken the issue to the plant problem section.

    Just fyi. the plants that are curling (bubba kush) were not as close as the cheese. However the bubba kush leaves are twice as wide as the cheese.

    Thanks again

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