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Discussion in 'Hydroponics' started by highdogs25, Jun 14, 2011.

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    Hey guys, so i have a few week old plant that i FINALLY transplanted into my drip system. Roots are showing and growing nicely through the rockwool. it looks like its doing good growth-wise but i would like u guys to take a look and see if u can give me a diagnosis.


    PH= 6.2-6.5
    NUTES= Fox Farm Grow Big (3/4 Teaspoon in 2gal rez) that should be 1/3 strength so i made sure not to over feed it.
    DRIPPERS= on 24/0
    LIGHT=21/3 for the first week. Under a 20w florescent grow light. 2-3 inches above

    And the brown stuff on the cotyledon is from when the seed popped off, i guess it left a layer of its embryonic tissues or something. But I'd appreciate any help you guys can give to get my baby's leaves back to tippy top shape :) thanks !
  2. pushit

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    I know nothing about a drip system but shouldnt your ph be around 5.8ish? Do you usually feed that young? Im a soil user so these questions are just for my own curiosity.
  3. highdogs25

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    you're right my ph is still a little too high. i'm adjusting it right now...but for the feeding, i've been told that as soon as the roots grow through the rw feeding is possible but at small doses.
  4. pushit

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    Cool thanks for answering my questions.
  5. highdogs25

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    hey guys another quick question its cool to add ph down or up while drip system is running?
  6. tinytoon

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    I'll hit the last question first, yes you should be able to adjust PH when running since yuor doing adjustment at rez.
    Running a drip system 24/0 while using RW pretty much = death by drowning. Looking at the pics the RW should be buried. sitting on top like that will grow algae.
    Leave lights on 24/0 for now until a lil more mature.
    If it was mine I wouldn't be feeding it yet but that is me, others like to pour the juice on as quick as they can but doing this can also lead to misreading other problems that occur.
    20w bulb? I hope it is the actual watts of a CFL if not your gonna need more light. I use to start mine under a 100w equivilent CFL Daylight bulbs and that small the light be about 1" (inch) above the lil one.
    Make sure you have a lil "breeze" on it so the stem will strengthen.
    Anything else give a yell
  7. highdogs25

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    thanks for the quick reply tinytoon! you're right, i'll cover up the RW with the hydroton. is it ok to go from 3 hours of darkness back to none? i'm afraid it'll stunt the growth...
    and the light is a 22" florescent grow light i got from walmart, it's kind of a generic version of a florescent grow light you'd see at a hydro store...
  8. highdogs25

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    ph is now around 5.5-5.8 :)
  9. tinytoon

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    shouldn't have a problem going to 24/0 and PH looks good. I use to shoot for 5.8 in veg and 6.2 in flower. I know the bulb you are using and if you could find a "Daylight" version of that bulb it would be better, be more like an MH bulb spectrum wise. As for the drip cycle I would think about 30mins +/- every couple hours would be better. As said before RW holds water really well. In fact if you have a extra RW cube soak that sucker and then put it in a bowl or something and check it every so often and you will see what I mean.
  10. drudown11

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    I second everything tiny has to say. RW holds moisture veeerrryyyy well. I only flood twice a day because any more and i run into overwatering issues.

    Personally i dont like to run my lights at 24/0, ive noticed better root growth during 18/6

    your gunna want to bump up the lighting though, any longer and youll notice stretching and your seeds will become very lanky. I would opt for a 6400K or 6500k bulb, it emits more blue light which is more beneficial during the vegetative phase. Plants need the blue light in order to stay short, stocky, and bushy.
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  11. highdogs25

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    i really get confused on how some people get away with running drippers 24/7 cuz thats what i've been doing for the past week..but i get the same feedback almost every time that its bad cuz of the RW. i just got an air pump in the mail and tomorrow i'm getting an air stone. will that help in oxygenating the roots and prevent drowning?

    i'm waiting on these seedlings to get a bit bigger til i transplant to the same setup, then i'll do 20/3 for a week, 20/4 a week after etc. so the plants will adjust slowly. i'm back on cfl, just using the florescent for the seedlings. whats ideal wattage for cfl's cuz the 2 bulbs i got are 20w but 2500 lumens? i'm really trying to stick with cfl's i know i may need quite a few but hey it's how i roll lol.

    heres what the first born is lookin like sorry about the pic quality its a fone, parents using the card adaptor i'll get a nice pic tomorrow tho. i'm hitting the hydro store tomorrow first thing to pickup some calmag to try and fix the tip-browning problem..i have a feeling its being caused by the water...but the water in the system now was left in 1gal water jugs for a few days before i started the dripper system.

    i'll keep the status posted, thanks to everyone for they're feedback again!
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  12. tinytoon

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    these bulbs are 6500k
  13. highdogs25

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    tiny i'll look into higher wattage. as for now i have 2x 26watt cfl's about 4" above. since the tips are browning im waiting to lower them to reduce heat stress.

    oh and i just got the CalMag+ and added 2 1/4 tsp for a 3 gal rez. dont have a ppm meter yet i ordered one though so im excited to actually METER my babies. but hopefully that calmag will help with tips.

    heres the clear pics i promised of my plant and some of my materials. since i'm still in an early plant stage i'm slowly building my supply so i dont break my bank in one day. i added a shelf above my drip system, that'll be my cloning station ;) but that wont be used for a while...

  14. tipper619sd

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    i am not the most experienced at growing literally like 15 days but i usually give my plants actual nutes around week 2 of when they are out and growing. Also it looks like u might have burned them because of the nutes being feed a tad bit early but thats just an opion i would really cut those nutes back half of what your giving it already and see if it perks up after a few feedings. Happy growing and i wish you the best
  15. highdogs25

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    thats just a pic of what i have to use but not actually all in there haha. i'm on 1/3 strength of that big bloom and calmag though. i was thinking it would be from over nute but when i swapped the rez with just ph corrected water, the browning grew just a tiny bit more within the next week...so i'm kind of over ruling the nute burn theory. the tips are still brown after a day of calmag running through the system but i'll give it another day and see what happens

    thanks i appreciate it!
  16. tinytoon

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    ok I'm really confused now. Calmag I can see, thats used during entire grow if needed. Big Bloom on a seedling? <confused
    Calmag yes if needed. That rooting concentrate would be a great thing until it is about 4-5 nodes tall. I believe that organic fertilizer is what yer looking fer atm maybe mixed with the BB? I'll do a read on Big Bloom since I've never used it.
  17. highdogs25

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    plant update: edges of 2nd set curling up?

    so its still to early to feed nutes period? i've read about feedings being done in hydro;rockwool/hydroton as early as 2 1/2 weeks old or somethin, but i'm only giving it 1&1/4 tsp in a 3 gallon rez thats 1/3 strength.

    can anyone point out what the curling of the edge leaves means? u can also see the right side is drooping a little lower than the other side.
    theres a fan circulating the air in my closet and its under 2 100w cfl's...well its under mainly one cuz i got a dual light bulb outlet and the other bulb is in another direction. i keep my drippers on 24/7 so far and the plant doesnt look like it's drowning :thumbsup: the browning tips only seem to be appearing on its first set of leaves and the ones curling upward are on the second set...i'm worried what might appear on the next set...please anyone have any suggestions? thanks!
  18. Daddynobucks

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    :beatdeadhorse::beatdeadhorse::beatdeadhorse::beatdeadhorse:Tiny is right on with advice
    Going by a teaspoon or 1/4 teaspoon of this or that WON'T give you very good results. THE FEWER ADDITIVES YOU USE,when your learning is better and without a meter is only a WAG
    YOU NEED A Ph METER & an EC or PPM measuring device, if everyone will use an EC meter we will all be on the same page,AND CAN GIVE BETTER ADVICE.
    damn thing stuck the dead horses in the wrong place,i wanted them after the Ph EC statement, anyway you don't want much fert. till the first multi fingered leaves are a few days old
    Most everything you need to know is covered on this forum,and has been talked about 100s of times. to bad it can't be grouped other than in the trouble shooting form

  19. highdogs25

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    UPDATE: pistils forming on first couple node sets! female, cha-ching :)

    after you're reading what u guys had to say, i decided to swap my rez. 3 gallons of tap water (left uncovered 3 days) ph'd around 5.5-6.0
    CalMag+ 3/4 tsp per gallon and Superthrive at 1/2 tsp per gallon.

    hopefully that will show some progress pretty soon!

    thanks you tiny and daddynobucks for the tips! very helpful indeed
  20. tinytoon

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    Add a lil of that Dynagro rooting concentrate so you can create some of those pretty lil hairs coming off the roots. The last time I grew I used GH's Subculture and all I can say was very impressive. Best formed roots I ever had but then we never were able to see the end result :cursing::cursing::cursing::cursing::cursing::cursing::cursing:
    Keep the lil one warm and give it a gentle breeze to strengthen stem (boy I feel like I've said that 100 times lol). Btw you cant tell sex yet so dont start buying a keg or anything for a celebration. You wont know sex until aproximately 2-3 week of flower and from where your at now that wont start for about 5 weeks.

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