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Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by newby, Dec 12, 2004.

  1. newby

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    My plants look great but one is turning it's leaves over like it is trying to expose the underside to the lights. Any thoughts?
  2. marimbas

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    that happens if the light is way too close, i think... but thats if the leafes are turning big time, if not its normal
    post a picture
  3. Sensi Super Skunk

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    The Best of Ask Ed: The PLANTS ARE TURNING the leaves as a reaction to stress. By turning sideways they minimize the amount of light they receive, so they require less water and nutrients and absorb less heat. Perhaps the containers are to small. As a result the root systems cannot supply the leaves with enough water. Repot the plants.

    PS- I had the same problem and this tip worked.
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  4. sugarmagnolia

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    I am joining the windy city area growers club as well I guess. Right now I've got my little plant that just sprouted earlier in a little pot. when do u think I should transplant it, and does the transplant have any risks? I'm asking this not out of topic but because of the changing containers response and I didn't wanna start a thread.
  5. newby

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    thanks for help

    thanks everyone I will try your tips. Poor droopy is stuggling but is full. Have just reduced light time to 12/12 and upped water and nutrients slightly. I appear to have good results.

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