Leafs "fading" and "Paleness" help

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    20171119_201125.jpg My plant is about 2 weeks old (counting after it sprouted from soil) Im concerned about the leafs kind of "fading" or "paleness". Its almost like the green is being flushed out. The plant seems to be growing normal It's just a slight concern of mine. Ive added a up-close pic of the 2nd node leafs (they're the biggest on the plant and seem to be effected the most.)

    What is your experience level?
    First time grower

    Your Equipment:
    .1) 300w LED
    .2) Distance from tops? ~20"
    .3) Reflector type? N/A
    .4) Is there a consistent fresh air supply? Yes, Two 4"fans(one intake one outtake)
    .5) Do you have an exhaust fan and a circulation fan? Answered above
    .6) What are the bulb wattages, kelvin ratings, and schedule? 300w LED 24 hour light

    Your medium:
    .7) Expert Gardener Potting Mix (pretty cheap stuff from walmart) about 2" Top layer is FFOF(planted before I got the FFOF and added afterwards due to it leaning slightly.)
    .8) 1 Gallon pot
    .9) Did you use peat pucks (or similar) to root clones or germinate seedlings? No

    Your nutrients and water:
    10) Source of water? Tap water What's it's ph before adjusting? ~7(I only have a liquid test ATM)
    11) Method of checking water ph. Aquarium test kit
    12) Method of adjusting water ph. PH up and down
    13) Specific brand and N-P-K ratio for each bottle. List dosages (quantity per gallon) and current feeding schedule. None so far
    14) How often are you watering between feedings, and how much per watering? Watering every 4-5 days, 2-4 quarts
    15) Any additives or tea's? Nothing
    16) Are your ph levels stable, or do they fluctuate? I ordered a soil ph kit and its on its way, So im not entirely sure of soil ph.
    17) What is your ingoing water's ph? ~7ph ...your runoff ph? havent tested
    18) Do you foliar feed? If so, with what, how often, and at what time do you spray? No

    Your growroom:
    19) Indoors or outdoors? Indoors
    20) What size of closet, room or hut? 24"x 24"x 48" tent
    21) What are the temps and humidity levels while lights are on? Temp stays from 21-25 C Humidity is about 30% without humidifier, ~50% with ...With lights off? They're on 24 hour cycle
    22) Have you seen signs of insects in the growroom? No

    Your strain:
    23) What strain are you growing? Its an unknown bag seed
    24) From seeds or clones? N/A
    25) Is this an autoflower strain? Probably not
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    Anybody have any feed back? The research I've done suggests light burn maybe? I'm not entirely sure.
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    Your 300 watt LED light probably puts out 140 to 170 watts, and at 20" from the plant I doubt there would be light burn. You could move it up to 24" and see if you see improvement in new growth. Don't worry about the PH of your soil, but do check the PH of anything you feed, whether it's plain water or water/nutrient mix and aim for 6.2 to 6.5 PH. Good luck, bro. :)
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    Thanks for the tips. Will implement them and wait for results.:thumbsup:
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