Leafs turning yellow during flowering

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    Hello, I have a Amnesia in flowering stage, it looks is going ok, but since some days ago the leafs are getting yellow, I thought it was ok first, but it seems it is increasing.

    They are in a 20 liter pot, they are on outdoors always.

    On the vegetation stage I was using Sensi Grow A&B from Advanced Nutrients (2ml per liter) and on the blooming phase I'm using Sensi Bloom A&B (2.5ml per liter).

    I always do one watering with plain water and one with nutrients. Right now I'm not adding nutrients, just plain water.

    I had a spider mite problem but it was resolved as I don't see new marks neither the mites bellow the leafs.

    Could this be a problem or just a advanced flowering stage consuming those leafs?


    20170301_122929_copy.jpg 20170228_132601.jpg 20170228_132155.jpg 20170228_132328.jpg 20170228_132304.jpg 20170301_123021.jpg 20170301_123045.jpg 20170301_123140.jpg

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    Since these plants are outside, they get a lot more light and air flow than an indoor plant would possibly get. I think it is a sure bet that your nutrient recommendations are for an indoor plant, and outside you could probably get by with doubling or even tripling the dosage you are presently giving. Your plants look to be healthy, but just a bit hungry. That progression of the yellowing up from the bottom is your clue... your plant is grabbing all the mobile nutrients that it can from those lower leaves so as to be able to supply what is needed to the buds.
    Give them a good dose of 2x nutes and see what happen... I bet they green right up. :)
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    Thanks for the tip, I will do it and post back in a couple of days.
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