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Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by Tilde, Jul 10, 2004.

  1. Tilde

    Tilde Registered

    The main chamber and the base of my bong isn't as air-tight as it should be. Anyone know of a good permanent, non-toxic, inexpensive material that I could use to fix this problem? I'm tired of getting stinky ass bong water stains on my pants haha
  2. N30SS

    N30SS Registered+

    Yeah erm .... i had the same prob erm... i tried superglue but u can also get summit called polyfilla (make sure its the rubber stuff not the grout MAKE SURE ITS POLYFILLA!!!!!!!) yeah that shud do the trik and bong away
  3. Tilde

    Tilde Registered

    hmmmmm, never thought of that...is it kinda like the shit they use to seal bathtubs?
  4. IntrepidS

    IntrepidS Registered+

    Glue gun
  5. magneslee

    magneslee Registered+

    lay off the weed a bit and save up for a new bond or make a new bong , i love home depo :D
  6. DrGonzo

    DrGonzo Registered+

    Use a hot glue gun, it works wonders...or if you want something less messy, use a silicone-based sealer (kinda like caulk, I dunno if you like the caulk or not) Make sure its silicone based, and try not to get any inside the bong if you can...it'll be smelly and unpleasant. Make sure you let it cure, might take a day or two to fully seal the gaps.

    What kinda bong is it? are there joints between materials/pieces of the bong that have the non-airtightness?
  7. Tilde

    Tilde Registered

    Thanks for the tips guys...think I'll just buy a new one though. The one I have is shitty, and I deserve an upgrade haha
  8. GanjaSmugler

    GanjaSmugler Registered+

    if its acrylic i would deffinetley get a new bong.
  9. Tilde

    Tilde Registered

    Haha, yeaaaaaaaaa....it's acrylic. I bought it last year--back when I didn't know a good bong from my ass
  10. lsdbeatles

    lsdbeatles Registered

    ya use rubber cement it doesnt harm anyone and it works great
  11. duppy man

    duppy man Registered+

    Best bet I think... a little research proves worthwhile... a good bong = a happy chappie :D

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