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Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by SomeGuy, Jan 27, 2007.

  1. SomeGuy

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    Upon realizing that I had "purple drink" (Promethezine w/Codein) in my cabinet, one of my friends suggested coating blunts with it since I dont really want to sip it. I was curious about what extra effects you get from doing this besides the blunt burning slower? Can someone thats smoked blunts coated in purple drink tell me what its like?

    ...wow its really been a long time since I posted on here...:D
    peace:Rasta: :Rasta: :Rasta:
  2. this thread is gone...

    but basicly, it just adds a certain 'drunken' effect that smoking a blunt can't do... just something you have to try yourself..... i've done it quite a few times... and damn dude... lol a bottle of that goes for over 200 around here...
  3. SomeGuy

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    Yeah my friends that are into it tell me its a good ammount of money...but it was an old prescription...didnt even know what it was at the time it was prescribed :p
  4. well try it, if you dont' like, you can sell that shit...even if you ain't got shit, dippin a cigarette in it can still get you 'pretty fucked up' .... doesn't take alot either. dip a 1/4 inch of "whatever" in it, and smoke it (not letting it dry)... most of it ends up 'melting' down into the rest of it...
  5. Sir Bliss

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    Where can you get this 'purple drink'?
  6. you gotta have a very bad chest congestion/cough to get it lol.. nothing you can fake ;)
  7. Sir Bliss

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    Ah damn....:(

    I'll just have to figure out a way to make myself sick...:jointsmile:

    MOBABN Registered+

    the purp drank is mighty tastey. I usually drink it either straight it taste like candy, or 4 oz in a half 20 oz sprite few jolly ranchers in there soakin it up and enjoy. The blunts are cool you feel a little light headed, you can coat a cigg too. Im not suggesting you drink that much though if its your first time do 2 oz in a 20oz sprite that will make ya fly to the moon.
  9. orange floyd

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    i dont know what that other shit is, but a bottle of codeine should be like 15 bucks
  10. timothylearyisdead

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    oop my good friend of mine just got that shit prescribed to him for bronchitis and he doesnt take it... i had no idea you could coat blunts with it. thanks for turning me into a druggie because im doin that shit now.
  11. suhl

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    uh you can only get codeine syrup by prescription, and most prescription drugs cost more than fifteen dollars. so i dont know fully that youre wrong but im going to put those two facts together and assume you are wrong, guy who said codeine syrup cost 15 dollars. if there was a fifteen dollar opiate on the market it would be flying off the shelves
  12. dankus maximus

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    but if you play your cards right in canada you can get it for free :)( i think)
  13. gee

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    yup, sure do with my mom's benefits from work. im only 16 but have had like 10 bottles of some stronngg promethazine codeine. i didnt drink it like an idiot though, i actually needed it for the most part. but i would do it for like a month straight every night like 4 tablespoons, and it just makes u very drowsy and tried.

    i wana try the real purple drank though, hear soo many raps about it.
  14. suhl

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    that is what it is. promethazine codeine syrup. the key ingredient anyway. so you have tried it.
  15. five0addict

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    i drank too much of that shit once and i slept for 12hours and had controllable dreams the whole time. i dont think i was even sleeping because when i got up i was still super tired.
    smoking it sounds bad...
  16. orange floyd

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    im talkin street price, not from a pharmacy. and with any halfway decent insurance a perscription shouldnt be more than 15. maybe it was a little low of an estimate, but it should be closer to $30 than to $200. its fucking codeine not oxycontin
  17. maybe you can find that shit cheap around there, but not here.
  18. lil josh

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    lucid dreams, there fucking amazing
  19. Sir Bliss

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    Lucid dreaming is the shit.
  20. FreeVenice

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    Vicodine before smoking can almost give me a shoom trip, or at least thats how it seems to me. . . .

    I wounder if its ok to talk about mixing?

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