leaves curling inwards?

Discussion in 'Hydroponics' started by fallenbythe, Dec 3, 2005.

  1. fallenbythe

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    The leaves on a select few of my ultra skunk plants have curled inwards at the sides, what could the cause of this be? has anyone experienced this?

  2. fallenbythe

    fallenbythe Registered

    i thought it might be heat burn but the two 400w lamps are over a foot away from the canopy and i dont want to sacrafice any more light in making them higher. any thoughts?
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  3. latewood

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    clones or seed?
  4. fallenbythe

    fallenbythe Registered

    from seed, Is it a genetic thing?
  5. Absolut Chronic

    Absolut Chronic Registered+

    How bad are they curling? Mine are curling too but very slightly. Have yours stopped curling? If so what'd you do?
  6. Herbus

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    Try this

    If you can hold your hand at the same level as the plants under your lights and your hand does not feel uncomfortably hot then your alright on light height. This is what normally causes this curl under problem. Now if your leaves are curling under like rams horns with multiple curls then this is a too much nutes problem. Also I find some under curling (single or partial loop) relatively harmless to the plant especially in the final stages of budding.

    I hope this helps.

  7. fhydro

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    I've got the same problem on some plants that has been feeded with the same mix than others that are very healthy. I don't anderstand, i think it's related to a root problem but i don't know which. They all had a root booster ( GH bio roots ) some are fine some are ugly. I don't think they will recover. I did not give nutes before 2 weeks of veg, only diamond nectar and bio roots.
  8. fhydro

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    Sorry but mines are curling downwards. If they curl up, it's because a too much nute problem. But if they curl down, it seems to be an over watering problem, but it's a bubbler system. How is it possible ?

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