Leaves Curling up and turning Brown/Yellow

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by burke715, Oct 6, 2013.

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    Hello, so I planted this seedling not expecting much out of it. To my surprise, I think it's done pretty well so far. However, it recently started really curling up, especially the older leaves. Then it really started to turn a nasty yellow and somewhat brown. It's about 14 days old, and I transplanted it yesterday (admittedly probably a mistake). I'm using a 150W LED grow light, and a mixture of Miracle Grow potting soil, bone meal, and compost for soil. I've been running the light nonstop, and only today did I turn it off for 6 hours. Also, I read that maybe the humidity is low so I laid out some pans with water to hopefully raise it. I have a fan as well that's blowing between the light and the plant. This is a closet grow, so air circulation is a problem, but I do try and open it up as much as possible. Please help, I'd really like to save this guy.

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    They don't like the soil they are in.........
  3. burke715

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    So I moved it to some potting soil I bought earlier this morning. It actually is bouncing back. But the leaves were curling upwards before this happened, and they still are. Why is that?
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    dude it takes time to get them healthy again :)
  5. burke715

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    Hello again. My plant made a full recovery and the new foliage looks as healthy as ever. Thank you so much for the help.

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