Leaves curling up at the edges

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by MrT1987, Dec 17, 2008.

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    My plants are curling up at the edges. I just transplanted them into an organic potting soil; coffe ground compost mix with a slow release fert. I need help, am I overwatering, over fert., over lighting or what? I have them on a 18/6 schedule but shortly after transplanting they began to wilt and curl at the edges. I'm scared guys soo scared... I will provided some pictures shortly any prelim. suggestions?
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    Ok I filled the form out and In moved my light away and added some circulation in the intrem:

    Indoor or outdoor: indoor

    Soil, soilless, coco, aero, or hydroponic: Soil

    Soil type/brand: Miracle-Gro Organic potting soil/ Jiffy starter potting soil

    Anything you have added to the soil: peanut hulls; earthworms

    Water source: fish tank

    Source water pH: 6.5 (fishtank waste water)

    Age of plant:5 weeks

    Type of fertilizer: coffee ground/compost mixture- 20/80

    Lighting source and distance from plant: 1x 100 watt bulb @ 2 ft.

    Air temperature: 77 deg.

    Air % Relative humidity: 5 %

    Lighting schedule: 18/6

    Type of ventilation your room has: Ceiling fan

    Did you pre-soak your media in pH corrected solution: Yes, spring water

    Can you guys help me please... I know I need a better light. I'm a dirt poor college student so any cheap solutions to this problem would be appreciated!


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  4. Raelum

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    I had a similar problem and it turned out to be humidity. The leaves would curl up and the stem would look a little white or pale (almost like it was shedding).

    I just took out a fan and then put bowls of water around the plants so the light would evaporate it. Seems to be working.

    You should keep your humidity around 40-60 percent.

    I would also move your light a lot closer.

    Good luck with your grow!
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  5. MrT1987

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    Would a daily misting with ph neutral water work perhaps?
  6. oSecretGardeno

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    crap i need to reload before i post.
  7. oSecretGardeno

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    what kind of light is it?

    definitely get that humidity up to 30% or so.

    Also those plants look very small for 5 weeks. You probably need more light among other things.

    Let us know how it goes. Goodluck!
  8. MrT1987

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    I think I will as well. I btw the cfl looks impressive I think I should make the switch. How many bulbs are you running?
  9. MrT1987

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    Think I run the same setup inside a cardboard box with a flourscent grow light and white matte walls? Like I said I'm dirt poor.
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    I think you may have too many wild ingredients going on. I would suggest starting new plants in small pots with fresh potting soil out of the bag. Transplant when they outgrow the container, And then not add anything except fresh (if possible ph'd) water and maybe get a good blooming liquid nutrient when it's time. And your right that SecretGarden's lighting setup would be a good idea, from what I've seen in his log he's gotten great results that.
  11. TheXFactor

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    buy soil, dont make your own. especially if this is your first. get an organic with slow release nutes... try and stay away from miracle grow but some people have good results with this, the seedling mix they make is wonderful, imho.

    since ive started growing indoors, things that mess u up is; improper ph water, water with 2 many chemicals and shit, proper water without cal-mag(r/o distilled water, but properly ph'd, go figure),

    and then that fucks the soil up... so water is important..

    next up, your 1 100 watt light is good for the first 2 weeks maybe 3, but beyond that, forget it.... thats just enough for me to see in the dark. so either get some CFLS at home depot and make a light fixture out of big bin lid. or go buy a 250-400 w mh or hps, or one of each. and if ur going to use a small light like that, keep so close its almost touching the plant.

    next up, im not sure of this but i think ur over watering.. u need very little water if the plant is small n u dont have a lot of light, water less and less frequently. roots need air too.

    next, ur going to have to restart unless u want a vegging house plant that looks like crap until it dies, which is what u probably have, unless u do everything i just mentioned in the next few days and have it done quickly.

    happy frog soil, made by fox farm, and then there or some other foxfarm soils that are wonderful.

    get a ph pen, and possibly an r/o system, but start with the ph pen to see what ur working with... make sure u spend atleast $50 on this device. go for the brand oakton, they make a good one for 70-80. anything less will will break and cost u more in the end to replace probes and stuff.

    if there is anything u add to ur soil it is perlite. a completely neutral substance that helps with drainage.

    sorry its not what u want to hear, but theres a lot of variables that need to be kept in close proximity to maintain homeostasis. its just like a gasoline engine, if a piston or valve isnt working properly the whole thing wont work at all. if the gasoline isnt good enough, it wont run well or at all. too much sun and hot air and the engine overheats, so do ur plants with too much light.. if its too cold outside the oil freezes. catch my drift
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    Trinity bound is right on.
    Soil is outta control
    Fish tank water is no good for plants indoors. Too much salt, ammonia, nitrite, and bacteria.
    And you NEVER give fertilizer before 5 nodes, including in the soil.

    That's pretty mcuh a do-over unless those were some $300 per pack seeds you HAVE to save. Read the grow guide in my sig.
  13. MrT1987

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    I understand. Unfornately my gf does not so it is outside for those two and on with what you guys said I should do. She just can't wrap her mind around the fact that we had a retarded child through our own inexperience. Thanks guys I will begin the new set as soon as possible.
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  14. oSecretGardeno

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    I am running 220W @ 2700K for flowering (that's the CFL total, incandescent equivalent is something like ... 220W CFL = 850W?) and 210W @ 6500K for veg.

    I'd highly suggest the CFL grows; it is pretty cheap and pretty successful thus far. There are some other good grows on here that have definitely come out quite nice. My box worked out well for this grow but I am building a nice new one next weekend and plan on painting the inside flat white so I definitely encourage that also.

    Goodluck with the restart.
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    Im sure those plants are dead by now... but wow they were very clearly starving for light.

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