Leaves curling up like canoes...

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by SquidvsBear, Aug 14, 2010.

  1. SquidvsBear

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    I am about 5 weeks into my first grow and am trying to solve an issue with my plants. Overnight many of the leaves began curling up around the edges, forming little canoes. Some of the instances seems quite severe. From what i have been able to gather it could be a mg deficiency, heat stress , or a bad water ph. I moved the 1000 watt HPS that I am using farther away and am hoping that will help. The plants were transplanted into their present home (5 gal buckets) on Sunday and have since been given two waterings and a very light nutrient solution (i used less than 1/3 the recommended dosage) ph'ed at 6.

    If it is indeed simply heat stress, should i remove the leaves that have curled in on themselves or will they return to normal? If its not heat , what else could it be? Please help , I am a noob and don't want my babies to croak.

    PS, this happened to one degree or another on all my plants , though much more pronounced on the taller ones and on the leaves closest to the top of each plant. The tall ones are Island Sweet Skunk.


  2. -Time-

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    Leaves curling up is probably heat stress.

    What are the temps when the lights are on?
  3. SquidvsBear

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    Temps in the room are about 80-85 f for the most part. The light was within 20 inches of the tallest plant and I have since moved it a bit to 24 inches. You think I should move it more...?

    BTW , I have two 1000 watt HPS lights in the room, providing light for 12 plants.
  4. -Time-

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    They look like they've been through hell man. @ 5 weeks their should be a lot more veg growth.

    They do not need anywhere near 2k of light while they're small like that.

    Do you have a smaller light or perhaps some fluorescent lights that you can use??
  5. SquidvsBear

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    Sadly i do not have any other lights, should i just remove one and leave them under a single 1000 watt? And about those curled leaves, should they stay on the plant?
  6. -Time-

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    If they were mine I'd ditch one of the lights and keep the feedings at 200-300 ppm for a week or two until things stabilize.

    If the curled leaves are dying off then you could trim them however, with such a low number of leaves on the plants to begin with, you may be better off if you just leave them alone.
  7. SquidvsBear

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    Down to the single 1000 watt and have raised it to just over 24 inches above the plants. I will take your advice about the nutrients and hope that they make a decent recovery.
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    WOW my plants look identical. Its my first time grow and the plants are not looking good. I have the exact same setup basically. Let me know what happened or what is or is not working.
  9. Rusty Trichome

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    Likely it would be a good idea to have all the information before 'guessing' at the causes and remedies. Fill-out the proper troubleshooting form in my signature (copy-n-paste) to the best of your ability and knowledge.
    I use one 1000w HPS for up to 12 plants in 5 gallon pots. I can fit up to 15, but they need elbow room once they fill-in, and more room makes it easier to water the plants in the back of the growspace.

    There is a point of diminishing returns. Basically, you can keep adding light, but at some point the plant won't be able to handle the excess light and heat, and has to start protecting itself from the assault. I'm guessing you've exceeded it's limits, but it's a guess.

    I've also seen hydrogen peroxide treatments and fried roots 'canoe' the leaves. Fill-out the form.

    Are the canoed leaves leathery or crispy? How long do they take to become crispy?

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