Leaves curling up?

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by WynOSmokeZ, May 1, 2007.

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    Well, let me say that me and a friend have been reading anything and pretty much everything about the leaves curling up for the past few days. He doesn't have the net so hes pretty much here for all his probs. Fact is, he still doesnt know what to do and will not stop looking until he does so I'm trying to end my heart ache with this thread.

    3 plants in gallon size pot each, outside, about 4 weeks old. Brand new soil was used so I don't think its a deficiency like we've been been reading. No fertilizers have been added. Soil has been kept wet all the time. The weather has been up and down with temps low some days and high others, cloudy n rainy some days bright n sunny others u get the picture.

    Plant leaves are curling upward and they arent looking as lively as they used too, still green though. It seems to have been lookin a little poorer every day for the last 5 days or so.

    Anyways, I was thinkin maybe someone could help. I was thinkin maybe he needs to let the soil dry up some n that could be the prob since hes kept it moist day in day out for the past 4 weeks. Or maybe the recent hot days after colder rainy days could have caused this. Any feedback is appreciated.
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    They also recieve direct sunlight all hours of the day except maybe an hour in the later afternoon. Direct sunlight meaning if there isn't any clouds.
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    Hey man,

    Here is your problem:

    "Soil has been kept wet all the time."

    I like to let them dry out almost completely between waterings. At a min, they need to dry somewhat between waterings.
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    just as I thought, thanx for advice. If theres any more out there i'd love to hear it.
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    Where these plants started indoors then moved outside? If this is the case it's most likely your plant is burning a little from the full sun.Leaves curling upwards is a sign of heat stress or nute burn.Since no fert has been in play yet I would go with heat stress.It's best that you try to "harden" your plant by introducing it to full sun slowly,few hours here and there to start gradually increasing to full sun.Water problems,overwater and underwater shows signs of the leaf pointing downwards.Keeping your soil wet at all times is going to create even more problems if it didn't already.It would be a good idea to let it dry out some for sure as stated earlier.If there is no way you can move plants or make a make shift shade structure out of landscape fiber,it should bounce back provided that your friend dosn't "overcare" it. When I move my ladies outside I plant in ground and try to do this when I have a few days of crappy rainy or overcast weather so my plants at least have a little time to "harden" up and accept its new home.
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    Naw, these plants have been outside from day 1, but weathers been really crazy. 3 days in the upper 60's next 3 days in the lower 90's, u know real up and down. So its kinda like they been in 2 diff enviornments. So anyways, it prolly was heat stress cause he noticed this when the heat started comming along.
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    If your in an area with real hot strong sun like the SE US, a 1 gal container is going to have troubles during the summer. Keeping it wet all the time is not usually the answer either. Try moving it to more of a slightly part shade area till it recovers a bit at least for part of the days. Let it dry out at least somewhat between waterings. When the roots fill up that container, move it to a bigger one. Outdoor grows in the south go much better directly in the ground, but you have got to get them in the ground fairly early. Otherwise it gets too hot, too quick. If they have some time to get established before the real heat begins, they will do better. Mulch helps. I always try and put plants in the ground when rains are comming in the next few days so they can get going before the sun fries them. You know how the weather sytems in the South always come from West to East. Plant them when its like two days away. Water them in good when planting. By the time that weather sytem comes through and passes, they should be going.
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    ok, more shade less water....got it. I guess hes been misting them at sunset with a lil liquid soap and water so they dont get munched. Could this possible be a cause? He never mists them when theres excessive heat or direct sunlight.

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