Leaves drooping too much!

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by shaddr3, Feb 6, 2005.

  1. shaddr3

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    All of the plants have been growing quite nicely, ever since a few days ago, they just started drooping. Heres the pics. I dont know whats wrong, the ph level is fine, temperature is fine. IT seems like they started this when I brought the fan in and started using it.

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  2. BobBong

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    Bigger pots a.s.a.p

    SPLIFFBUILDER Registered+

    i don't think they are rootbound,they are only little yet.look's to me like over watering,let them dry out in between watering's....spliffbuilder.
  4. shaddr3

    shaddr3 Registered+

    They're so dry right now. I water every 3-4 days. I just transplanted the bigger plants into bigger pots already. Give them a few more days, see how they do in the new pots.
  5. kuri

    kuri Registered+

    i would agree with the getting a bigger pot idea. bigger pot for better pot
  6. HughESan

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    yeah man put them in a bigger pot, people what say over watering makes plants droopie are stupid, trust me...
  7. kuri

    kuri Registered+

    you can read ALL of our replies and do some research on your own and you'll be able to take others advice with your common sense.... no one is 'stupid' here. we are all trying to help. so shaddr3, hope someone here has helped you.
  8. Garden Knowm

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    something is wrong... for sure..
    I would have guessed over watering at first.. I looked closely at the leaves and they look very light.. they should be darker. I don't think they need to be in bigger pots yet.....

    I am going to go out on a limb and say that the problem is that the cups are see through and light is getting to your roots and fucking up your shit...
    transplant to 1-3 gallon pots immidiatley and pray..

    roots and light don't mix

    : )

    good luck
  9. Garden Knowm

    Garden Knowm Registered+

    what's the deal shaddr.. what happened?
    : )
  10. dylan

    dylan Registered+

    what are you feeding them?
  11. AtomicToad

    AtomicToad Registered

    I would have to vote on too much water. Let 'em dry out. The other thing you can do is use H202 (Oxygen Plus) and that helps feed oxygen to the roots...
  12. Sage of Bud

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    Don't use clear or opaque containers for growing as roots are sensitive to light and it inhibits their growth and causes death of root. Looks to me like it's lack of water as well as clear containers could be your prob. Try using containers that do not allow light to reach roots.
  13. KanMan

    KanMan Registered+

    Hydrogen Peroxide H2O2 will add oxygen to the water and kill many disease causing organisms and spores and it will drive out the chlorine many cities use to sterilize the water, it will also degrade any pesticides or herbicides, but it also kills the good organisms. It is also useful for suppressing algae growth. It will destroy dead organic material (leaves, roots) preventing them from rotting and spreading diseases. Again it does kill the good organisms as well as the bad.

    Good Kannabis Growing!

  14. KanMan

    KanMan Registered+

    CO2 poisoning can cause the plants to droop as well. If you use a CO2 injector or generator lower the CO2 levels and turn the CO2 off during the night cycle.

    Good Kannabis Growing!
  15. FGalwaysburning

    FGalwaysburning Registered

    inca babies are having a little

    leave are turning alot lighter than they should be, even having some burnt spots on thee ends of the leaves!? ph is 6.7 to 7.0
    temp is avg 78,, lights are compact flours about 5 inches from tops
    food is prueblend 7ml per gallon . just recently put a fan in there?
  16. Bspectral

    Bspectral Registered+

    maybe just go with ur water for a while ,,,do it and see the leaves turn back greener ,,right away
  17. KanMan

    KanMan Registered+

    That high of a PH will lockout some nutrients. Could be why the leafs are getting a lighter color to them. Get the light closer as well.

    Good Kannabis Growing!
  18. fckinhell

    fckinhell Registered

    ph to high 4 def,, 5.8/6.2 max
  19. fckinhell

    fckinhell Registered

    i keep mine at 6.0
  20. fasts102376

    fasts102376 Registered+

    water info 4 first time grower

    hello all:) i'm new to this site. i have two plants in flowering,my problem is i have to water my plants like every 2days.. i don't water intill the soil is dry dry is that to much? the humidity stays around 30% to 60% will that hurt in flowering stage? i'm in soil with a 400hps. :confused:

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