leaves sticking almost straigt up

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by fleetspop, Oct 30, 2009.

  1. fleetspop

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    i have a L A woman plant still in veg on day 17..and in the mornings when i check on my plants this one the leaves are almost pointing strait up... my other ones that are white widow just look reg with leaves hanging to the side... should i b worried

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  2. Weedhound

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    Room humidity and temp? Age of plant etc... Lighting; kind and distance from plant? Ph of solution going in and out? How often watered and with what? Soil type? Some sort of homade mix? All info appreciated.....looks interesting to me what the plant is doing,
    good luck
  3. fleetspop

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    hound the temp is 77-79 i dont know about the humidity... i have 16 23 watt cfls spread across four plants about 4 inches off of them ... im using mg potting soil and just tap right now for feeding.. i feed 12 ounces about every three days right now and the plant is 17 days old...think i got everything u asked. my other three are white widow strain and they look very normal and healthy so i don know if its just this strain?
  4. achilles

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    I've seen a lot of plants do that, they always turned out fine. I figure its just reaching up to the light, usually my strongest plants.

    At least they aren't drooping down lol
  5. fleetspop

    fleetspop Registered+

    achilles its my strongest plant thats doing it.... so hopefully im good..thanks man
  6. Dayzt1

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    Interesting... I've seen my plants do that somewhat, but not that many leaves at once... I'm sure it's fine - as mentioned, it looks to me like it's just reaching towards the light(s). With the cfls, you could even have them a little closer than 4 inches (if that's possible with your setup) due to the low heat given off by those lights... i'd say 2-3 inches away for maximum light...just a suggestion.

    It looks very healthy and strong!

    Here's a pic from my last grow - my bluecheese plant had a similar leaf-issue..

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  7. Italiano715

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    I think it's too far away as well. Move them to about 2'' and see if that helps any... Also, the humidity may be a bit much. I know higher humidity tend to make them want to "reach" for the light.
  8. killerweed420

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    I've seen them do that when you have high heat and really bright lights. It looks like they're crack addicts trying to rwch for more juice.
  9. FreeDaHerb

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    It's called "Praying for Magnesium".

    Willing to bet your plants are deficient in Mg.

    Used to happen to grows with Spice of Life strains all the time as they are very Mg hungry. Heat can also do this sometimes as well, check your temps.

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