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Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by metalarclemon, Feb 2, 2010.

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    What is your experience level? experienced

    What type of hydro set-up are you running?

    This is a variation of flood & drain, the sytem consists of 2 6' 4"x4" pvc tubes, with 16 2" net cups with ez clone foam plugs no medium, spaced about 11" apart. Hortilux 1K on hydrofarm mover in a ventilated hood on a 12hr cycle about 14" from the canopy.

    Your nutrients and water:

    I am using Botanicare nutes, at 1400ppm and a ph of 6.0, tap water with a base ppm of 100, 18 gal res with air bubbler, 396gph pump, water at 75F, no foliar feeding, no ph or ppm fluctuations.

    Your growroom:

    this is a 12x14 room, fresh air intake, lights exhausted, 68F lights out, 78-80F lights on, nice roots, 35% humidity, no signs of any pests.

    Your strain:

    Sensi Seeds Super Skunk, fast finisher and vigorous growth. Ordered 2 fem seeds both fem and have same pheno & grow characteristics. all grows are from clone.

    The problem (I say problem loosely) is only on one branch of 1 plant out of 16 sharing the same nutes light etc. there are a few fan leaves that are bleach white on half of the leaf from the margin over and on one the far 2 blades are white and now one closer to the top is starting to bleach at one half. There really is no adverse efffects yet, but they are only at day 11 of flowering and don't want it to get out of hand. The wierd part is that only the one branch on the one plant is doing it. It's sharing root space with all the plants around it, matter of fact all the roots are intermingled at this point so I am at a loss. all the clones are from the same plant as well. At first I thought I may have gotten some nutes on it as it was only on 1 leaf and is perfectly white. now there are 3 leaves total with some white on them. I have never seen this before in many years and is quite baffling as this has been a trouble free very tasty strain so far. I would post pics but my junk hp digital camera decided to give up on me, maybe later. Any help or suggestions will be appreciated.
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    Never had this happen, but I believe your plant is just showing signs of albinoism... from what I can gather it wont affect the plant, just the color of a few leaves. I'm not sure if it actually is a problem though.

    maybe somebody else knows about albinoism?
  3. metalarclemon

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    Just an update, here are pics of the mysterious white leaves. As you can see by the second pic everything is going fine at day 21 of flower and you could never tell which plant had the white leaves now that I plucked them. I never saw this before and thought I'd save someone some worry if they ever see the same thing. They are just mutants and were healthy until I took them off and grew to full size. This was only on 1 branch of 1 plant of 21 clones taken from the same mother. So if you see this just keep on truckin because it caused no harm, just odd looking as they really are white.

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  4. Rusty Trichome

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    Might be time to switch to an all-fabric bleach? :thumbsup:

    I'm not a hydro guy, but is this a progression, or did they just appear that way overnight? Is there any indication on new growth? I know they are tangled, but have you carefully checked it's rootball for damage, black or brown spots or slime? Yellowing leaves I could understand, but white isn't a normal color found on cannabis. Roots, yes. Foliage, no.

    Were they bagseed, I'd mention that DJ Shorts is offering a variegated Blueberry strain. Perhaps of the same basic lineage? Perhaps a result of decades of uncoltrolled cross breeding...? Perhaps a new strain of killer quality and flavor...? Perhaps spilled nutes or splashed phosphoric acid...?
  5. metalarclemon

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    The plant first showed just a part of a white leaf about 6 days into flower and then as the plant grew 2 more leaves showed the same trait once they reached their current level of whiteness they just progressed as normal. I thought I had spilled something as well, but as I saw new leaves grow after the first with the same thing I knew it wasnt that. It's sensi seeds super skunk.
  6. Weezard

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    I like it.!

    Sounded like light bleach until you posted a picture.
    It looks like a genetic "hiccup".

    Close up pic, might make a nice T-shirt. :)

  7. Rusty Trichome

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    Mix-up's do happen. Could you search for examples of DJ Shorts Blueberry line, and see if the growth habits and breeder description are similar to your plant? Not sure I've seen any growlogs for his Blueberry in here, but ya never know...
  8. Dutch Pimp

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    What kind of LIGHTS?

    I light bleached these puppies...week #3 flowering. Using 400 watt CMH bulb...:(

    Once the white appeared on the fan leaves...it got worse and worse...VERY gradually...and the plants never recovered. After I chopped them down; after 8 weeks...I noticed the underside of the fan leaves was still green?...very strange.

    The buds never did show any change of color and the plants quit growing after 5 weeks. I guess?...I stayed too close, with the light?...and switching to HPS didn't help, either...:mad:

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  9. Weezard

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    Hortilux 1K. onna mover.:)

    Just took a closer look.
    That's not light bleach.
    The definition tween white and green is a sharp line.
    It's like the chlorophyl gene got switched off.
    Some kine bio-screwup.
    I've seen something similar with Lemonskunk clones, only it was bright yellow instead of white.

    Now, I wish I'd taken pics.:(

  10. Dutch Pimp

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    I agree...Weeze..:thumbsup:...light bleaching is fairly rare. I'm suprised I figured out how to do that, in such a short time...:stoned:
  11. Rusty Trichome

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    Weez is right, Dutch. Yours are yellow. not white. And yours almost looks like heat damage, or spraying the leaves and lowering the lights, (steamed leaves) or stabbing the roots with a stake. (perhaps a bamboo one, lol). Did you at some point accidentally brush the plant against the hot bulb?

    OP's photo's look like they never had chlorophyll to begin with.
    Never seen light bleaching from UV light, but there was no mention of UV light anyway...
    With a vented hood, (implying a glass barrier) a broken bulb envelope is ruled-out...
    Only thing it leaves me with is genetics. Or...someone is dicking with us and doctored their leaves or washed-out the yellowing with photoshop. :wtf:
    Can we get a good picture of the white while still on the plant?
  12. Dutch Pimp

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    Hi Rusty

    1. It looked snow white in person...and like I said earlier..it progressed very slowly over a 3 week period...during 2-5 week, 12/12 flowering cycle.
    The fan leaves were still green, on their undersides & and white/shriveled on top?

    2, The temps at ground level & light level, never went over 83 degrees...and I don't spray leaves.

    3. I do use a moisture probe to check for the next watering. I've used one since '05.

    4. I had them elevated (on a box) too close to the light; I am almost sure of that?...probably about 15 inches away. I did a have a small fan blowing between the plants and the light. One poster (at ICMag) thought it was 'wind burn'. I don't remember anybody reporting that before. They never came closer than 15 inches from the light. I switched to an HPS bulb; thinking it MIGHT be UVb related?..but, the situation never improved and got progressively worse.

    5. I drives me nuts, not knowing for sure...:wtf:...cause...I'm starting again..:smokin:...week #3 veg...film at eleven...:jointsmile:
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  13. Dutch Pimp

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    are the white leaves....white; top and bottom?..(undersides?)...if so? it's probably genetics...and I wouldn't sweat that...:)..since there's nothing that can be done about it.
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  14. maro69camaro

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    400watts and you bleached it from 15", i dont know about that. i get mine to about 12"-13" from the plants never had a problem unless they get closer then that. and you got to burn alot of leaves to stop growth, sounds more like some kind of a lockout.
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  15. Dutch Pimp

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    I agree with that possibility....:thumbsup:...I just can't figure out how; that, nute lockout would only affect the top/middle fan leaves, first...only?..Look at the pics...the bottom leaves are unaffected...:wtf:

    I only gave them one dose of 10-52-10 during this period. I've used this nute/dose since '05...without any problem?...and I flushed several times, trying to improve things.

    Thanks... for your input...'69er...:D
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  16. BobBong

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  17. metalarclemon

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    Sorry those were the only pics I got of them. The leaves other than the color were perfectly healthy and were'nt dry, crispy, wilted or anything. Also I don't "dick" with people for no reason and those photos are untouched. While on the plant they were on one branch, one torwards the bottom, skip a few up with no probs then one more and up a few and the last one. The reason I posted this was because I could find nothing like them in any books I have or anywhere on the net, and figured as a help to others stressing about something like this not to worry and actually get some pics of these strange things up where people can see.
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  18. Rusty Trichome

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    Unwad your panties a tad. Twasn't an accusation, it was simply another possibility, given the info we had in front of us.

    The reason there is a troubleshooting form, is that quite a few growers that are having problems or annomalys don't know what info the troubleshooters require. The forms address most pertinant information, and streamlines the diagnosis process. Most of the time it's a common problem that's easily diagnosed. Sometimes not.
    Were you to properly fill-out the form, prehaps we would have a broader sense of the conditions leading up to all this, and maybe there is something that will catch the experienced eye of someone with a firm understanding of growing cannabis. Or not. :jointsmile:
  19. metalarclemon

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    I'm as calm as they come, what would suggest that I wasn't? anyhoo isn't the form you speak of the one I used in post #1? what did I leave out? Anyway no harm no foul, like I said just spreadin the word. If I had come across this post while I was searching for the issue, I would have felt much better. so hopefully it will help someone else some day.
  20. Faddenator

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    I could've sworn that all this "mysterious" whitening was just known as albinoism (As I said in my last post)... I don't think its some groundbreaking discovery or anything. I've seen it happen to a few leaves on one of my friend's plants.

    Anyway, the correct troubleshooting form is filled out, just in an unusual way. Instead of simply filling in the answers, you erased the questions and answered them that way. Little harder to follow, but it will work.

    That being said, Rusty - perhaps you need to look a little harder for the forms? I filled one out in great detail for my Canoeing/Clawed leaves thread and you asked me a few questions that the form had already answered... I know you don't have all day to keep referencing things, but its a little frustrating to have to keep answering and re-answering questions. Even more frustrating though, is getting no help whatsoever. I'm always grateful for any responses, so in that regard, thank you.

    Everyone screws up once in a while. Just my $0.02 :jointsmile:

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