Leaves turning yellow at the tips and now edges

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by Doctor Herbert, Jul 28, 2011.

  1. Doctor Herbert

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    Hi guys,

    I've been reading up on this and I think that this could be a nitrogen excess? I'm not sure though, because after seeing the pics posted in the forum I couldn't really tell, because of the quality. I need an expert opinion.

    Also, is it normal for new sprouting leaves to be light green when the older leaves are dark green? I'm afraid that I've screwed up with the nutrients.

    Thanks and I appreciate all the help!


    El Doctor Herbert
  2. CanGroIt

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    Yes it's pretty normal for new foliage to be a lighter green than the older already established leaves.... It's when the new growth is yellow that you have a problem.... Leaf tips turn yellow sometime because of over fert signs or nitrogen is being released from the leaf.... If you know you aren't over ferting, could be a natural plant process... My point is don't over worry because the tips of the leaves aren't green.... As long as your plant isn't turning yellow or wilting over, you'll be fine:thumbsup:....

  3. Doctor Herbert

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  4. pixelklo

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    post pics and we'll have a better understanding and pick up a copy of "marijuana horticulture medical grower's bible" best $30 you'll ever invest in your plants
  5. Doctor Herbert

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    That's by Cervantes, isn't it? I'm dl'ing it as part of a torrent. I'm in south america and I can't get a copy of it unfortunately. Tonight I'll go see the ladies and take pictures. I can't right now because they're in the dark period until 9 pm
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    you're more than likely to get misleading feedback even if you post pics. what i encourage you to do is fill out the plant problems form. if you don't have the time or patience for that, at the very least provide as much information about your grow as you can. important factors include growing medium, nutrient concentration (EC or PPM), temperature, and so on and so forth. sometimes ph is the issue. sometimes ph is fine, but heat issues cause plants not to absord efficiently. short of it is that it's pretty complex, so you better cough up some info otherwise someone may give you some bad advice, and your problems will be double.

    the best solution is prevention.

    when in doubt flush, flush, flush.

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