Leaves turning yellow, dying from the bottom up (pix included)

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by elimuir, Feb 12, 2012.

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    elimuir, just go easy on the fert whether bloom or not, follow the directions on the back, just be careful not to overdo it. remember it's easier to add more fert than to remove too much. people can be very eager to grow their plants but all things in their time, eh?
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    We did! WE mixed accordingly and of course the already damaged one fell off sadly, but we had another big fan that was starting to yellow but it has stopped from what i can tell, and it seems okay. The other plant has red stems on all of its leafs so i added some nutes to it too. I'll post some photos to show improvement tomorrow!
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    I followed as best as I could and the Yellow/ brown leaf fell off late last night but that was pretty much expected. I had another fan turning yellow near the middle but the yellowing has stopped so I think the chemicals are doing their thing! Just one more question, I have another plant, different strand, that has reddish stems, is that normal? I added the nutrients to it too just for a boost but haven't seen any change.

    DSC_9896.JPG The one of the left was the one with the yellowing leafs The one on the right is the one with the red stems and i got a close up of it for ya

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    Thanks polishpollack.

    Here is a question for you regarding the flowering process: What physical changes should one expect once the plant goes into flowering?

    Today marks 7 days into 12/12 for the light/dark cycle. What should I be looking for on the plant in terms of buds showing up? What are the first 'signs' of the change?

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    It's been a week since you typed this post, so you're probably seeing those changes you're asking about. White hairs develop and buds form, and that's about it. The plant should become very smelly so I hope you're in a place where you can have that kind of stink around. I had one in a shed and some neighborhood girls came over. They were about ten feet outside the shed and they were asking what stunk so bad. Pretty funny. As weeks go by, the plant will die naturally by turning yellow. As you get into harvest time don't give any more fert for the last couple of weeks. Just let it die. You do this when the plant is big enough but it's not something you can control. The plant will die with or without fert. Don't give fert in the last two weeks because you'll end up consuming it along with the plant. The plant will continue to grow in flower too. You might consider translanting to a bigger container. 5 gallon buckets (20 liters) usually are enough space for an indoor growth life span.
    As for colorless world's reddish stems - don't worry about those.
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    Hey! Well, yep, starting to see the changes. The hairs are starting to develop... when I asked the question I was worried that the plant was going to go hermie as the pre-flowers started showing up and looked odd, but they were actually females. I figure that I have another 4 to 6 weeks of flowering but I'm not sure yet. Thank you for all of the help!
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    How's the grow now?
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    Thanks for checking in. I'll give you an update later today.
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    Make sure you have a small fan knocking the plant around some, not too much, but enough to keep air moving and force the plant's trunk to strengthen. It will continue to grow in flowering. Go easy on the fert, unless you know for sure that it needs a little more to solve a deficiency. It doesn't take much of dynagrow to work good, especially in soil. By the way, I've been meaning to ask what country are you in? I'm curious about where that fert is being sold. Alot of people want to use fancy ferts but if you don't know how to use that stuff you just end up killing your plants.
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    got an update yet?
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    hi havin same kinda problems with my grow wonder if someone could help by checking out my thread thanks
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    leaves turning yellow, dying from the bottom up

    Yo polishpollack; have you ever used cal meg for the calcium problem?
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    IMG_0375.JPG IMG_0377.JPG IMG_0378.JPG IMG_0376.JPG

    Also having an issue with leaves turning yellow. These are about 3 weeks old. I am waterting every 4 or 5 days. They are located in a growing closet, with a fan and 180 watt LED grow light, which is about 6" above the plants. I applied a water soluable 20-20-20 plant food a week ago per manufacturer's direction.

    Any ideas?
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    As polishpollack said , you have a nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium deficiency 25% likely A nitrogen deficency results in pale plants, red stems and stunted growth. Rapid yellowing of leafs running up the plant is another sign. and magnesium is another big one lower leaves turn yellow and may turn white while veins remain dark green. Blades die and curl upwards. add some nutes to solve. plants should recover within a week.
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    Personally don't think there's anything wrong with the OPs girls.

    Leaves aren't meant to stay green through th flowering cycle, if you have all green fan leaves all through flowering then you're clearly feeding them too much, you want the fan leaves to turn yellow and fall off during the flowering phase.
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    Quick question, do you pick the yellow leaves or leave it until it falls off by it self?
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    Next time you grow add worm castings about some 6 or more hanfulls of worm castings to a 3galons of soil. Worm castings can solve many problems, It stabilize the nutrients in soils, and worm castings by them selves is a light nutrient, Marijuana plant takes all nutrients from it pretty fast, that's why you has to add much of it, but don't overdose. Most of worm castings ph is 8, but that ain't so bad, if soils ph is 6. This year I grow outdoor again, and to a fev buckets I added the worm castings, those plants are healthy, green, not any problem, even the old leafs, that has to die is half dead, but still green (except Powdery Mildew <-it causes the heat and high humidity, but that ain't that bad, cause I'ill put those plants in H2O2 right before trimming) Other plants, that hasn't those worm shit, now is in a poor condition, most of the leafs are yellow, rest of the leafs are light green. To a plants I add a rain water with organic nutrients ( rain water was clean), so I guess the worm castings has pretty much nitrogen too.
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    Hello new to the forum and my first growth as well. I appreciate how you guys have helped members here in the past so here's my question.. First all I'm growing two super skunk plants indoor in a 4x6 grow room using a 300w led. The soil I used is my own composted. I have a small fan in there and just recently added a humidifier to keep it around 35percent and also play my massage play list for them (haha I know) . I have been documenting watering, plant Temps and humidity since inplabtedI planted the seeds on 4/20. So this puts me at a little over 5 weeks. The stalks looks healthy on both plants, small leaves are growing from stem and the top. All top leaves are green and healthy but the bottom leaves are turning yellow and brown tipped. Is it normal for some leaves to do this? I'm trying to do the minimalist approach but don't want to lose my girls. I know my soil is rich in nutrients possibly still lacking nitrogen? Also I recently transplanted them on 5/16. I appreciate any advice and thank you in advance.

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    are you adding nutrients? that tip burning looks like they have been overfed... hard to tell in the red light though. Why don't you start your own thread and we will get to the bottom of this?
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    Thank you for the quick response. I started a thread in "plant problems" and also took a better picture. I did add some worm castings/tea not to long ago as well as diatomaceous earth cause of the bugs from using my own composte. Other than that no nutrients added.

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