leaves turning yellow help!

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by seanwatkins91, Aug 19, 2010.

  1. seanwatkins91

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    i have 2 clones and a seed being grown in my closet.
    the leaves are starting to turn yellow on the outer edges and even brown in some spots.
    what is my problem? they were watered yesterday

    from left to right: romulan(clone), la confidential(seed), afghan kush(clone)

    AGE: seed-23 days
    clones-5 days
    POTS:11 inches in diameter, 9 inches deep, not sure how many gallons
    SOIL: Miracle Grow flower&vegetable garden soil (top)
    miracle grow moisture control (bottom) with rocks under for drainage.
    LIGHTS: 100 watt equivalent cfl hanging over each plant (2-4 inches)
    AIR CIRCULATION: small fan on rotate, not directly on the plants but air flow right above them.
    GROW SPACE: closet surrounded by white for reflection covered by blanket.
    TEMPERATURE: usually around 80 degrees C
    WATER: i get my water source from the tap but i leave the water out for a couple days to kill chlorine and make sure the water is room temperature.

    can anyone help me determine why my clones are showing yellow spots on the leaves? my seed is in perfect condition and it is under all the conditions above just like the clones.

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  2. mcmanus2

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    are you giving it any nutrients yet? if so you should probably lay off and just give it plain ol water for a bit until they are at least 1 or 2 feet tall. other than that good luck. im on my first grow too. had the same problem.
  3. seanwatkins91

    seanwatkins91 Registered

    i actually havn't given it any nutrients yet. i bought some superthrive today and was planning on using it next watering. maybe that might take away the yellow spots
  4. gersak

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    it looks like nutrient deficiency... looks like the plants just used all their reseirvior nutes storen in leaves and need to be fed a little bit... Looks like they may need some Nitrogen :) If using any fertilizer or nutes, use it 1/4 strength of the actual doses written on back of the bottle. good luck
  5. seanwatkins91

    seanwatkins91 Registered

    thanks man, i think your right. i gave it some superthrive and its lookin pretty good right now. if im using superthrive do i need to buy any other nutrients? or am i good
  6. Rusty Trichome

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    Top soil, garden soil, manure or soil ammendments are unacceptanle as a medium for container gardens indoors. Isn't properly buffered (too low of a ph) and has no perlite or vermiculite to 'lighten' the soil.

    I'd get the proper medium, and transplant asap. Get something that specifically says on the bag that it's for containers or pots.

    Superthrive is a band-aid, and I personally recommend against the unnecessary and over-priced product. Treat your ladies right, and there's no need for the addition of hormones or steroids or Vitamin B-1 or whatever the hell they put in the stuff. And no...it is not acceptable as a stand-alone 'nutrient'. You'll need proper nutrients for the phase they are in. (vegetative or flowering) A solid 3-part nutrient system is the Fox Farms trio. (it's what I use)

    Superthrive Myths
  7. johard59

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    For The growth of mainly concerns with the light source and the distance from the plant its 18 inch above the plant, light is must in the night time, and blue light source is good. Air circulation in the room is good enough for growth.
  8. VapedG13

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    try adding a mix of cal mag and 1/2 strenth of your fertilizer to your water :thumbsup: I use greenleaves fertilizer with a built in ph monitor and buffer

    Try sunshine professional growing mix ...its soilless...good shit...I can grow my entire veg cycle without adding any fert...only use fert in flower:hippy:
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  9. seanwatkins91

    seanwatkins91 Registered

    i appreciate your response about the superthrive and nutrients. but despite everything that "myth" says, i dont care. my friend has about 8 plants growing right now and they are almost in the flowering stage. he has applied superthrive about once every other week and has seen amazing results. the plants he didn't use it on simply are half the size. i know where you are coming from with the whole vitamin b-1 but that isnt all it contains other vitamins as well. i am going to purchase the fox farms trio because i have heard many good things about the product. but i am going to continue to add a drop of superthrive every other watering. and im honestly fine with my soil. all i need to add is some sand or perlite (however you spell that) to make the soil a little more loose.
  10. Rusty Trichome

    Rusty Trichome Registered+

    I guess if you're into it, you're into it. Good luck. :jointsmile:

    But what makes you so sure you know what's in Superthrive? I've heard everything from hormones and steroids, to gibbrellic acid and fish emulsion. Would love to see it's true ingredients list though.

    It's not necessarily the product my scepticism of Superthrive comes from...it's the plant biology and those with doctorates in horticulture I'm basing it on. But if you are certain that accelerated growth is due to the Superthrive, I want to see the pictures of your buddies plants side by side.
    Keep in mind, I've already done my own side-by-side with the stuff a few times, and came to my own conclusions.

    And by the way...if it's certain your friends plants are thriving on the Superthrive...why the hell isn't he using it on all of his plants? :wtf:
    (sounds like bullshit, to me)
  11. seanwatkins91

    seanwatkins91 Registered

    its because he has 4 plants and the other 4 arent his. he is only using the superthrive on his because he doesnt care about the others. but he still waters them the same time he waters his. ill get a picture next time im over there. the main purpose of the superthrive is its a reviver. if plants are starting to show bad signs such as yellow leaves, drooping, or holes, he throws the superthrive on and notices a dramatic change within a couple days. you could be right. maybe it doesnt do shit. but it was only 5 bucks and it doesn't hurt the plants. should i try not using it on one of my plants for a watering?
  12. Rusty Trichome

    Rusty Trichome Registered+

    As with anything, you can do as you wish. But I know what does work in my growroom, and I know what doesn't. Superthrive lost it's place on my additive shelf a while back, mainly because I couldn't convince myself that it was effective enough to spend the money on it. I use the Fox Farms trio, and follow their weekly feeding schedule. The only two additives I use (beyond that trio) are molasses and some humic acid. (and phDown for my wellwater)

    Using it as a 'reviver'. Hmm. Well...if you properly care for your ladies, you don't need a 'revever' do you? (by the way...revive from what?) Just like epsom salts are not a miracle cure, neither is Superthrive. Both are way overused, and way over-hyped and are usually nothing more than a band aid applied in an attempt to hide a bigger problem. Fix the errors in technique and the need for 98% of additives to correct these issues disappears.

    By the sounds of it...you should really watch out for marketing hype. Cannabis gardeners can spend a fortune unnecessarily chasing phantom issues with exotic ammendments and corrective tonics. Most are unnecessary, and a lot of 'em are nothing more than something to correct issues from misusing other additives.

    To me...it's not about the plants...it's about the gardener and the health of those they care for.
  13. AntzinyoPantz

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    Nute deficiency .

    You need new soil to, something that is lighter and more airy.

    Go to a local hydro store, try FOX FARM. and mix in some hydroton clay balls.
    And VERY little bit of liquid nutes.


  14. scrumby

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    Thats about enough light for 1 plant, and enough soil for 6.
    BTW wire nuts are uglier than tape, but a lot safer.
  15. shrimper76

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    hi there.....this is why being a first time grower is so hard,im having the same problem with my plants but your answer is written as though we all have your experience and really it looks as though you deliberatley make it sound complicated so we feel daft.im probably wrong and if so im sorry but could you make the replys a little easier to understand please.thanks.mark
  16. seldomBLUE

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    Did you check the original date? This post is almost a year old.

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