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  1. marianin

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    Hey, early this morning I noticed something I've never experienced before... some leaves are twisting! and some more are like in a curved shape

    Im thinking of some possible causes...
    1.- My plant has grown over 1ft.. its like 13-14 inches by now and has got to the lights, I mean it is around 1inch from the light bulbs. I have 2 30Watt CFL, one 2700 and other 6500 K
    2.- roots have got to the bottom of the container
    3.- There is not enough light.

    Any one please help

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  2. marianin

    marianin Registered+

    Its only this this the one thats twisting, also, when i tried to untwist the texture was like crispy, also I heard some cracking sounds

    maybe some burn?

    KIMJONGIL Registered+

    looks like hotspot burn to me! is there a lot of tinfoil?
  4. tikiroom

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    Definitely is getting too hot.

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