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Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by condotoo, Jun 18, 2010.

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    Ok my plant is now 9 inches high with quite a few leaves. Its in Coco coir
    I have it 2 feet under a 400 HPS bulb. The light comes on at7pm and gose off at 1pm next day. I check it in morning at 9 am then at 11am the leaves are saging down a little at 9 and more at 11 I put one 10 oz cup of water on them. and the light gose out at 1 pm. I check it at around 8 and 10 pm at 8 the leaves are standing up reaching for light and again at 10 leaves still reachng up. the next morning the leaves are starting to fall slightly and by the time the light is ready to go off it is saging. what am i doing wrong if anything. why do the leaves go up and down some much?
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    Seems like normal plant behavior. Although it is slightly unusual that you are seeing the leaves drooping BEFORE you water. They're almost always going to droop after you water them, then perk up in a few hours. Ideally you should water the plants in their morning. So maybe start watering around 8PM every night. But in general, the plants sound normal.

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