Leaves vs. buds, male vs. female

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    OK, I know I'm a newbie, but here's what I'd like to know.

    1. Will only the buds get you high, or will smoking the leaves get you there too?
    2. Ditto for male plants: will they get you high, or only the female plants.
    3. How is hemp different than the pot that is smoked?

    Just trying to learn a few basics.

  2. stinkybudz

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    1. no leaves will too, but it will take alot more, and they will taste terrible and be pretty harsh, unless your smoking straight trim which will take less but still more then normal bud, and will be less harsh then fan leaves

    2. Males will get you high, but its better to kill the males, and have more potent unseeded females

    3. Hemp is a cannabis plant that makes trichomes, but contains next to no thc, the dominant cannabiniod is cbd
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    What he said
    When males fertalize females u get seeds.
    And when a female get fertalized it focuses on making seeds rather than THC.
    So its better to kill the males.
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    Difference in hemp and in Cannabis is hemp is a textile or manufacturing only plant where as Cannabis can be consumed and used as medicine. their are hemp strains which have no THC in them and they will not get you high if the entire field burns down.

    Hemp is used to make everything from diesel fuel, plastics, to hypoallergenic cloth, their is an unlimited amount of uses for this plant, which is why the first founding father of the US country, made it law every land owner had to devote one acre to growing hemp.

    Cannabis is used for everything from medicine, to cures of diseases. to the us government Cannabis is used for controlling the population and keeping a legal criminal business thriving. To keep medicine from sick people is evil, if you see people in Africa in need of penicillin and tyrants keeping that medicine away from who need it. It is easy to see who the bad guy is in that situation, so why is it so hard to see that in the US, When a Cancer patient or a gastral intestine patient needs Cannabis to live comfortable, and the government not only denies them their medicine, but incarcerates them for it.
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    Thanks all. This helps. Particularly to know about female plants using up energy on making seeds. Any further comments are always appreciated too.

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