leaves yellowing in early flowering

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by paintballer_111, Jul 5, 2011.

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    It seems that everytime i flower i get a few of these yellow burnt looking leaves just wondering if its normal

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  2. Purple Daddy

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    Depends on where these leaves are on the plant, that first pic is kind of overexposed so it's hard to tell. Lower sun leaves die off during flowering, very normal as the plant sends all it's energy to the flowers. IF you are having problems with the entire plant yellowing then you have other problems unless you're very close to harvest. If you're early in flowering maybe boost your nitrogen, fresh human urine diluted one cup to a gallon of water is a perfect source of nitrogen and is instantly available to your plant. You may also want to consider using molasses during the flowering stage.
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    skip the urine if you have psychological issues with smelling your piss in your grow room then smoking your piss. I could use human shit to lube my door hinges but again the psychological issues. I know pee is sterile but my brain don't care.

    In the second pic all the leafs are showing signs of over fert. The tips are burnt. The very very tip is ok to be burnt but yours showing more than that. The burn is working is way up the leaf. Try backing of on your ferts on one plant so see if it has any effect, you seem to be just over the optimal range. Maybe piss on the other plants to see if that fixes it too, unless the psychological issues come up.

    Also the pics seem to be from different weeks in the grow, yes , no?
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    "I could use shit to lube my door hinges" hahahaha

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