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Discussion in 'Indoor Lighting' started by unlockit, Jun 15, 2007.

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    is it possible to run a string of led christmas lights trough and around your plants as inside lighting? or maybe stringing them all over the walls? they are sylvania led 600 lights 12cents kilowatt per hour .45 cents for 30 days usage lasts up to 200,000 hours white c6 lights iv held on to one bulb for 10 minutes and litteraly dident feel anything hot at all cold as the rolling papers on the table
  2. unlockit

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    also are the 400 watt hps bulbs the same at homedepot and the hardware store menards the same as the ones at the grow shop. just curious already have a 600hps
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    LEDs are not useful for growing cannabis. Many have tried; the result is a stretchy, light-starved plant. I can't see the point of adding any other lighting if you already have a 600HPS.

    Yes, the replacement HPS lamps for security lighting at the hdwe are the same as SOME you can buy at a hydro shop- and will do just fine for flowering. However, at the hydro shop, you'll find horticultural versions of the 400HPS with a little extra blue chucked in to aid veg growth. Most well known is the Philips Son-T-Agro, available in a 430W which runs on a 400 ballast- but many makers sell modified spectrum HPS for hort use nowadays. You might find also the hort types at larger hdwe stores.

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