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    I decided to start a new log and not to mix this in with my current grows...this is my first attempt using 100% coco coir...I've used chuncky coco coir in the past but mixing it 50/50 with FF Ocean Forest soil...so this is my go at a coco run :jointsmile:

    these are all OG Kush clones that i have been reviving since getting back from China...I transplanted them on Thursday into the coco medium...so this is day 2 of veg...I used a heaping 1/2 teaspoon of mychorizzea sprinkled into each hole...this adds beneficial bacteria for more root growth....more root growth~more intake of nutes:D

    after transplanting i watered 18 plants with 4 liters of h2o with 30ml of Voodoo Juice mixed in to help create a healthy root zone before i give them any nutes :thumbsup:

    so this is day 2 of veg...here we go! :smokin:

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  2. LetsSeeYa

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    Hey man looks like a great show man:hippy:

    Iv pulled up my seat and im ready to watch:weedpoke:

  3. ForgetClassC

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    Man, seeing what just ONE of those lights does in a small area, is just crazy, those things put out so much light. Gotta gets me one. Was gonna say good luck but you know what you are doin, it aint luck at this stage.

  4. aquanaut

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    Nice to see a new log from ya str8! :thumbsup:
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  5. stra8outtaWeed

    stra8outtaWeed Registered+

    thanks for stoppin in....i'm thinkin about 3 weeks of veg to get them into shape and then to the flower room :D

    C~ we all need some luck..just hope its all good luck..thanks for the good words! :smokin:
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  7. khyberkitsune

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    Pulling up a chair.
  8. jtsik330

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    I know these logs aren't all that easy to put up and actually stick with them all the way through and I was wanna give a big THANKS:thumbsup: Logs are awesome can't wait to see the end result of this one. :D

    I was wondering stra8, you obviously transplanted these girls after they had showed roots right? I just wanna know if you do 3 weeks total including the time it takes for them to root or just three weeks of veg? And when do you introduce nutes to those little girls?
  9. stra8outtaWeed

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    after my clones root i will put them into 3x3 peat pots into FFOF soil and only give them water...when i transplant i put a heaping 1/2 tablespoon of mychorizzea into each 2 gal pot before transplant and yes they have roots poking through the peat before i will transplant...before this log i used a mix of soil and coco so i never really fed them much during veg....since coco has no nutrients i will give them some nutes today or tomorrow and i will take some new pics :D
  10. stra8outtaWeed

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    a little progress...fed them last night normal dosage for week 1 veg House & Garden nute program AB coco formula :D

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  11. moody420

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    Looking good stra8....:jointsmile:
  12. stra8outtaWeed

    stra8outtaWeed Registered+

    i vegged for 25 days...here we go! :D

    day 1~ fed them 2 gallons of Bushmaster @4ml/gal w/Wet Betty:jointsmile:5ml/gal ph'ed to 5.7 :smokin:

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    VAPEAZY Registered

    Just wondering how much you expected to yield this time with 18 plants and what would be your take on yielding 224 grams per plant using your system or what changes would be made to your system to accomplish a yield like that. I appreciate the feedback and you letting us inside of your forrest. Thanks. :hippy:
  14. ForgetClassC

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    Man, I forgot you had this thread, those lights are so crazy, the light is so intense. What was your dried harvest from last time?

  15. stra8outtaWeed

    stra8outtaWeed Registered+

    dried harvest was 321gr from 16 plants :jointsmile:
  16. ForgetClassC

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    Nice, lol I guesss if the grow wasn't in perspective, 16 plants would sound like alot. But seeing as you do what you do, its all good. Bet its very nice, whats your strain?

  17. stra8outtaWeed

    stra8outtaWeed Registered+

    and i was gone during the first half of the grow in Bejing so it was a respectable run :jointsmile:

    same as i am doing here OG Kush :smokin:

    luv the OG :bonghit:
  18. ForgetClassC

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    Yeah there was some nice OG around ehre awhile back, theres some Chocolope around right now, if you need a new strain to start, look into that. Its amazing. Online it says its like 95% sativa, but I mean, how can u get down to the 5% range and give that to Indica, lol. But anyways, awesome high, very pleasant.

    I probably should have read the title, lol.

  19. bigsby

    bigsby Banned

    A little late to the table but pulling up my chair.

    Are those 16 plants under 3 WEXs? Also, did you FIM them or is that just how the OG Kush plays out?

    Looking good.
  20. stra8outtaWeed

    stra8outtaWeed Registered+

    better late than never....glad to have you aboard :thumbsup:

    yes...3 x 150w and most were topped and trained to get them like that :jointsmile:

    thank you :D

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